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  1. can you tell me which is that specific app thanks
  2. thank you for your effort the problem solved by changing. geffen,140,173,5 script MVP Checker 882,{ to - script MVP Status -1,{
  3. is there any chance to put some command here just like @mvpstatus to open it even your not talking to the npc?
  4. hello is it possible to put @rotdstatus command so that the player will know what is the race active on the spot without coming to the rotd npc ,
  5. is it possible to add custom status icon in this script
  6. is it possible to add zeny requirements in this script?
  7. hello thank you so much sir!
  8. i think this script also can be abused by letting the mvp heal it self then attack again to gain the drop items then wait again to full hp recovery
  9. hello im wondering how to convert this txt to yml db
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