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  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a script for a NPC to change the player's rates with SC_EXPBOOST and SC_ITEMBOOST. I'm new to scripting and there might be a better way to make what I want but it works and I'm happy that I was able to make it work. I've got a menu working mes "[Rate Professor]"; mes "You can change the rate you are using."; mes "Your current rate is ^777777"+rate$+"/"+rate$+"/"+drop$+"^000000"; mes "Please select the rate you want:"; // -------------------------------------------------- // Main Menu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Change Exp Rates",EXPMenu, "Change Drop Rate",DROPMenu, "Cancel",Cancel; // -------------------------------------------------- EXPMenu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu " 1x/1x EXP",e1x, " 2x/2x EXP",e2x; // -------------------------------------------------- DROPMenu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu " 1x DROP",d1x, " 2x DROP",d2x; The Change Exp Rates works with those lines : e1x: sc_end SC_EXPBOOST; set rate$ , "1x";end; e2x: sc_end SC_EXPBOOST; sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,-1,100; set rate$ , "2x";end; If the player select 1x, the script will remove the SC_EXPBOOST and set the variable rate$ to x1, which is shown in the NPC's message. I've got it working till 20x and I don't have any problem changing rates, removing the buff, login out/login in. But whenever I try to change the drop rate with : d1x: sc_end SC_ITEMBOOST; set drop$ , "1x";end; d2x: sc_end SC_ITEMBOOST; sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,-1,100; set drop$ , "2x";end; I get an error: [Error]: npc_parsesrcfile: Unknown syntax in file 'npc/custom/Rate Changer.txt', line '101'. Stopping... * w1=d1x: sc_end SC_ITEMBOOST; set drop$ , "1x";end; * w2= * w3= * w4= When the "d1x" line (or any other line like those) are included in the script, the NPC is not spawn in the world. When I comment them out, the NPC spawn without any issue. I try to find a way to make it work but I couldn't and I don't really understand the error message. Never got that error when I was writing the EXP part. Something else that I try was to put the effect from the bubble gum item (ID:12210 = sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,1800000,200;) in the script but I still got the same error but with the bubble gum script. If someone could tell me where the error is or what I'm doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. I don't know if it's the same thing, but I was able to compile and run a server on a Raspberry Pi 2. The Raspberry Pi 2B uses a 32-bit 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor. So my guess would be that it should work.
  3. Hi, sorry for the time it took me to came back to this problem. I chance my clientinfo.xml and my sclientinfo.xml and nothing changed, when I close the client it opens my browser and try to load https://www.ragnarok.co.in/index.php I added both of the file with the server address redacted. I still can't find and don't understand what is happening sclientinfo.xml clientinfo.xml
  4. The client was already hexed, didn't had the problem before so it is not because I used a new client... the ads were already removed... Like I said, it started happening to my friend when I sent her my grf file, the one that I made for my server
  5. Hi, I'm not exactly sure what is happening but since a week I think, whenever I close my client (2018-06-20eRagexeRE hexed) a website opens. I think the problem lies with my server GRF because my friend didn't had any website opening and she had a problem updater her game with my patcher so I sent her my own GRF and now she has the same problem. Does anyone know why a website is launcher when the client closes? Thank you
  6. Windows 10 Pro, running the 64 bits that I compiled myself a bit without knowing what I was doing. I have the 64bits one downloaded from github though, I could always try it. But I'm using Annacondaq offline server that I transformed into an online server, so maybe that what it is
  7. It is working as intended, I am sorry about that. Do you think it would be possible to close the patcher when you click on play? It stays open as of now. Edit: I would love to know why something happens though. Launching the game from your patcher, if I close the client by the X at the top, a website is launched on my computer. Why is that happening and how can I remove that
  8. I'm having a problem and I don't really understand what is the problem. I have uploaded the web file onto my server (a raspberry pi with apache2 if it can help) I'm running no-ip so I can connect directly to the apache server and I can download the .thor file I uploaded directly from my browser. However, when I open the Patcher, it sees that there's a patch, showing downloading 0/1 but it goes directly to installing 0/1 and nothing change. I try creating an empty grf file to see if it get patched but the file stays empty. Am I doing something wrong? Thank in advance and nice Patcher Edit: Both the empty grf and the thor file have been created with GRF Editor version and I also tried to make a thor file with ThorGenerator Edit2: Sorry about that, I made a mistake in the plist.txt file and the GRF file were updating the data folder of the client.
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