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  1. i cant disable my warp on @warp thana boss and other maps how can i make it unwarpable? i have edited nowarpto and nowarp still can be warped
  2. i tried it too with normal accounts still can warp does it needs to restart the server or just reload script? i also tried reloading the script still nothing happens..
  3. already done that but nothing happens i also tried editing mapflags on pre-renewal still nothing happens can still @warp on those maps
  4. how to disable the @warp on thana boss? here's what i did on npc/mapflags/nowarpto.txt but still dosnt work also i tried adding other maps but it dosnt work.. can anyone fix my problem thankyou in advance
  5. how to increase the single strip chance when soul linked?
  6. how can i increase my @alootid list from 10 - 25?
  7. can anyone have in mind what script could this be? i cant figure it out
  8. i've checked mapflags still nothing happened
  9. i tried that but still it spawns at ordeal_2-1
  10. i want to move the gold room from ordeal_2-1 to ordeal_3-2 but everytime i move it to ordeal_3-2 when the golden peco are killed it spawns at ordeal_2-1 - script trum_v1 -1,{ OnInit: monster "ordeal_2-1",0,0,"Golden Chocobo",1369,1000,"trum_v1::OnKill"; monster "ordeal_2-1",0,0,"Killer Boss",1949,5,"trum_v1::OnKill"; end; OnKill: if(#GoldPoint > 100000){ warp "prontera",155,184; } set .Gold_Points, rand(1,3); set #GoldPoint, #GoldPoint + .Gold_Points; dispbottom "Your Gold Points: "+#GoldPoint+" you get "+ .Gold_Points +" Gold Points"; monster "ordeal_2-1",0,0,"Golden Chocobo",1369,1,"trum_v1::OnKill"; end; OnClock1432: OnClock1433: OnClock1000: OnClock3000: OnClock6000: OnClock9000: OnClock1200: OnClock1500: OnClock1800: OnClock2100: OnClock0000: killmonster "ordeal_2-1", "All"; monster "ordeal_2-1",0,0,"Golden Chocobo",1369,1000,"trum_v1::OnKill"; end; } //=========================================================== //=== Warpers //=========================================================== prontera,147,168,3 script Gold Room#prt::Treasurer 804,{ mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "Hi "+strcharinfo(0)+", Would you like to go to the Treasure Room? You need 200,000z to go inside."; next; switch(select("Yes. Sure!:Change my Gold Points:No")) { case 1: if (Zeny > 199999) { mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "Alright I will now send you to the Treasure Room, Take Care!."; menu "^FF0000I change my mind.",EXIT, "^0000FFYes Lets go!!!",SURE; next; SURE: set Zeny,Zeny-200000; warp "ordeal_2-1",150,149; emotion 21; announce strcharinfo(0) +" has Enter in Gold Room!",bc_all,0x00FF00; close; EXIT: end; } else { mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "^FF0000Sorry, But you don't have enough zeny."; close; } case 2: if(!#GoldPoint){ mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "^FF0000You didnt have any Gold Points."; }else{ mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "Total Gold Point = ^0000FF"+#GoldPoint+" Points^000000."; next; mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "How many gold you want?"; mes "Your Gold Point: ^0000FF"+#GoldPoint+" Points^000000."; input @GOLD_POINTS; next; mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; if(!checkweight(969, @GOLD_POINTS)){ mes "^FF0000You're Overweight Limit... please put other thing inside your storage."; close; } if(#GoldPoint < @GOLD_POINTS){ mes "^FF0000You don't have enough Gold Points kid..^000000"; close; } mes "Total Gold Point = ^0000FF"+ (#GoldPoint - @GOLD_POINTS) +" Points^000000."; getitem 969, @GOLD_POINTS; set #GoldPoint,#GoldPoint - @GOLD_POINTS; } close; case 3: mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "Alright, No problem."; close; } //OnInit: // waitingroom "Gold Room",0; //end; } ordeal_2-1,147,149,2 script Exit Gold Room#1 804,{ mes "[^0000FFGol D. Roger^000000]"; mes "Are you sure you want to Exit?"; menu"Yes!",YES,"Not this time!!!",NVM; next; YES: warp "prontera",155,184; end; NVM: end; } ordeal_2-1 mapflag nosave ordeal_2-1 mapflag pvp on ordeal_2-1 mapflag nomemo ordeal_2-1 mapflag nobranch ordeal_2-1 mapflag noexp ordeal_2-1 mapflag nodrop ordeal_2-1 mapflag nochat ordeal_2-1 mapflag novending //ordeal_2-1 mapflag nowarp ordeal_2-1 mapflag nowarpto ordeal_2-1 mapflag noreturn ordeal_2-1 mapflag noloot //ordeal_2-1 mapflag noskill ordeal_2-1 mapflag nocommand 99
  11. is the script correct? 300 = to? 3minutes? i want to set it to 5minutes ..
  12. sadder hourly reward i want to stop hourly reward once he/she is afk or idle for 5minutes then once he moves hourly reward will start running again sader_Hourly_Rewards_V1.2.txt
  13. how to fix this upside down screen from baphomet jr? i already set the hallucination display still it makes my screen upside down thank you in advance
  14. i already tried that but still it dosnt take any effect
  15. here's the script 2647,Nile_Rose,Nile Rose,4,2,,100,,0,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,136,,0,0,0,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{}
  16. i didnt do anything wrong to my server i havent touched anything yet this happens
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