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  1. it didnt work.. it just give 1 item
  2. thanks i'll test it right away...
  3. I want to add more prize like 5-6 items anyone? OnClock1900: [email protected]$ = .townMap$[rand ( getarraysize ( .townMap$ ) - 1 )]; [email protected] = .sleep / 60000; announce "[World Boss] A World Boss will appear in " + [email protected] + " minutes", bc_all, 0xFF0000; sleep .sleep; monster [email protected]$, 153, 175, "Devils Pet", .wBossId, 1, strnpcinfo(3) + "::OnWBossDied"; announce "[World Boss] A World Boss appeared in " + [email protected]$ + " to avenge all those dead monsters adventurers killed!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; end; OnWBossDied: announce "[World Boss] " + strcharinfo(0) + " killed the World Boss! Congratulations!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; getitem .rewardId, .rewardCount; end; OnInit: setarray .townMap$[0],"prontera","geffen"; .wBossId = 1931; // monsterID .rewardId = 7828; // reward ID .rewardCount = 50; // how many rewards .sleep = 60000; // 60000ms = 1min end; }
  4. anyone? here is my src i tried doing 10000 but it didnt work and changed it back to normal case 9: // DEATH - curse, coma and poison { status_change_start(src, target, SC_COMA, 100, skill_lv, 0, src->id, 0, 0, SCSTART_NONE); sc_start(src, target, SC_CURSE, 100, skill_lv, skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(SC_CURSE), 1)); sc_start2(src, target, SC_POISON, 100, skill_lv, src->id, skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(SC_POISON), 1)); break; }
  5. hi can anyone help me with tarot card of fate? i dont know why but if i try to tarot a lvl 1 novice the coma takes effect on one of the tarot cards but when the novice became 255 the coma dosnt work anymore can anyone help me with this? thanks
  6. oh man you saved my life thankyou so much it works perfectly! what if im going to add the map should i do it like "prtg_cas01","prtg_cas02","prtg_cas03"; should it be like this?
  7. it's not working i tried to set it to 1 but my other dual character still can access inside
  8. Hi, I need a script that checks quantity of guild members in guild castles. - Max users allowed per guild in the same castle = 15 -If users are > 15, the 16th user member of the same guild will be warped to save point automatically. note: i know there's a way to modify the guild members qty (like changing the guild extension skill lvl) but i prefer to use the script.
  9. how to remove the guild skill extension?
  10. DevilSupremeRO


    can anyone help me limit every guild that enters the castle into 12 per guild?
  11. can anyone help me with teleport npc that requires like 3items with quantity of 500 or something? thanks in advance
  12. i cant disable my warp on @warp thana boss and other maps how can i make it unwarpable? i have edited nowarpto and nowarp still can be warped
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