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  1. and if you clicked yes this will appear then each castle drop will give you this quest items 7 quest requirements will appear however once failed the quest requirements will be destroyed not the main item (Cyclop's Eye) Thanks in advance if someone answers!
  2. aight thanks i'll try it out
  3. sir poring how can i make that anti bot to appear every 30-45minutes randomly?
  4. //new_1-4,145,179,4 script Freebies Reward 691,{ [email protected]_id$ = get_unique_id(); if(getd("$ID_" + [email protected]_id$) > 0 || #N > 0){ mes "[ Reward NPC ]"; mes "You have already claimed your reward."; close; } mes "[ Reward NPC ]"; mes "Here's your reward. Have a nice day!"; setd "$ID_" + [email protected]_id$,1; #N = 1; $reward_count -= 1; for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.rewards); [email protected] += 2) getitem .rewards[[email protected]],.rewards[[email protected]+1]; if($reward_count == 0) $reward_status = 1; end; OnInit: setarray .rewards,50000,1,12535,20,12534,20,13550,20,3100,100,13758,1; while (1) { showscript "Freebies Rental NPC!"; sleep 1000; } end; } is there a way to reset unique ID's? because old players can't get freebies.
  5. i was hoping for a monster arena that looks like Endless Tower but with a diffrent map in where you can stay at the dungeon for 3hours and have a cooldown of 1hour before you can enter again once the 3hours has ended.
  6. Website: https://devilsupreme-ro.com/ Facebook Official Group: www.facebook.com/DSRO2 Discord: https://discord.gg/85Q6EHa DevilSupremeRO Android Platform 7 Months Old Server No OP/Full Donates Friendly Community High Rate Server Server Location: Singapore Client: 2018 Lifetime Gepard 3.0 & LGP DDOS Protected SERVER INFO: Farm/Quest Server Instant Job Changer 255/100| Trans Jobs PK & Unfro Pre-renewal Server Rates: 10k/10k/1k | Cards: 10%/5% Rare:1% Guild Capacity: 15 max Macro/Autopots On Dual Client Enabled Guild Package Solo Package Freebies Reward Streamers Program Gold Room PVP Room MVP Room Break The Seal Quest Treasure Hunter Quest Token Quest Hourly Shop Soul Link Modified Monster Arena Endless Tower World Boss Automated Events In Game Events & More...
  7. hi does anyone have something like this with Gepard unique ID ? query_sql ("SELECT `last_ip` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id`= '" + getcharid(3) + "'", [email protected]$); mes "Hi There Enjoy Stay Safe!"; if(!#Freebie && ( getd("$" + [email protected]$ + "_ASD") == 0 )) { mes "Please Select Your Item Based On Your Job:"; next; set #Freebie, 1; setd "$" + [email protected]$ + "_ASD", getd("$" + [email protected]$ + "_ASD") + 1; close;
  8. i want this to have like an item that is needed to convert your character looks into fourth or 3rd job guild_vs1,54,54,6 script Stylist#custom_stylist 2_M_DYEINGER,{ OnTalk: setarray [email protected][1], getbattleflag("max_cloth_color"), getbattleflag("max_hair_style"), getbattleflag("max_hair_color"); setarray [email protected][1], LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR, LOOK_HAIR, LOOK_HAIR_COLOR; mes .npc$; mes "Hey ^008aff"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000. Im a super stylist. Want to try out my services?"; mes "I can customize your character's appearance in a hand full of ways."; next; set [email protected], select(.bcor$+"Cloth color:"+.bcor$+"Hairstyle:"+.bcor$+"Hair color:"+.bcor$+"Dress Room"); if([email protected] == 4){ callfunc "F_DRESSROOM"; close; } if([email protected] == 1){ if (( getlook(LOOK_BODY2) == 5 ) || ( getlook(LOOK_BODY2) == 2 ) || ( getlook(LOOK_BODY2) == 3 ) || ( getlook(LOOK_BODY2) == 4 )) { setlook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR,0; mes .npc$; mes "Cloathes color not available for Body Custom."; close; } } if(Class == Job_Summoner){ setarray [email protected][1], 3,//max_cloth_color 10,//max_hair_style 8;//max_hair_color }else{ setarray [email protected][1], getbattleflag("max_cloth_color"), getbattleflag("max_hair_style"), getbattleflag("max_hair_color"); } set [email protected], getlook([email protected][[email protected]]); set [email protected],1; while(1) { setlook [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected]; message strcharinfo(0),"This is style #"[email protected]+"."; switch(select(.bcor$+"Next (^0055FF"+(([email protected][email protected][[email protected]])[email protected]+1:0)+"^000000):"+.bcor$+"Previous (^0055FF"+(([email protected]!=0)[email protected]:[email protected][[email protected]])+"^000000):"+.bcor$+"Jump to...:"+.rcor$+"Revert to original (^0055FF"[email protected]+"^000000)")){ case 1: set [email protected], (([email protected] != [email protected][[email protected]]) ? [email protected]+1 : 0); break; case 2: set [email protected], (([email protected] != 0) ? [email protected] : [email protected][[email protected]]); break; case 3: message strcharinfo(0),"Choose a style between 1 - "[email protected][[email protected]]+"."; input [email protected],0,[email protected][[email protected]]; if ([email protected]) set [email protected], rand(1,[email protected][[email protected]]); break; case 4: set [email protected], [email protected]; setlook [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected]; break; } } OnInit: .npc$ = "^FF7F00[ Super Stylist ]^000000"; // Name of NPC; .bcor$ = "^008aff[>]^000000 "; // Option Button Symbol; .rcor$ = "^ff0000[>]^000000 "; // Cancel button symbol; end; }
  9. how could i fix it i've done all the things that are needed
  10. well i tried it now works perfectly thanks you two @Chaos92 and @Kakaroto
  11. can anyone? TIA here are my screenshots of what i've done When i try to equip it on my costume garment the spirit of thanatos dosnt show up but when i wear the costume thanatos sword on garment it appears what seems to be my mistake here?
  12. How could i make it permanent because everytime i relog i became whitesmith again
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