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  1. Can someone tell my why i cant edit delay SG, Verm, and Meteor to 1 second coldown ? And theres no file skill_cast_db,txt Please Help Me...
  2. First of all thanks for your free FluxCP theme. appreciate it second i dont really know why is this happened
  3. I already install Flux CP all looks fine and then when I tried to Register something like this happened. Uh Oh what happened ?
  4. my bad I tried to reinstall and its fix now but then, when I registered this is happened did you know why ?
  5. I've set it up on application and server, and previllege user on xampp. and then this is happened any one know why ?
  6. I am using Azure VM , when I put VM IP on rathena it become like this , please help me ...
  7. I always getting this when I connect it to ipv4, I running rathena from VM btw. I don't know what to do ...
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