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  1. Getting an Error while patching. Sending to your Inbox the files.
  2. Bragi Iduns's Sunset, all are missing the "graphical effects". The icons are working fine, also the stats and buffs it gives to the part are ok. But i couldn't see the effects (eg. apples). There is .tga, .spr and .act inside the grf. What could be the problem? Thank you.
  3. Aki, few things to note. I am not webdev or something so please bear with my question 1.Home Page = No news articles have been found. Are you using the correct News Type? (CMSNewsType setting) 2. Database = No items found. Go back. 3. Only 1 Image is showing the Right Slider. The other slider and the video are working fine. I only modified the Theme Config file. Thanks
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