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  1. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my exp bar. I've followed every instruction in this link: https://gist.github.com/cydh/d82a06472f12c4ec7f38ab3de22fe86b but so far nothing works to get rid of it. Max level is fine but it still shows (base) exp gain even if I am max level. Job works fine as you see. Here's my job_exp table for what it's worth: //Base - Normal and Baby Jobs 150,0:1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:10:11:12:13:14:15:16:17:18:19:20:21:23:24:25:4023:4024:4025:4026:4027:4028:4029:4030:4031:4032:4033:4034:4035:4036:4037:4038:4039:4040:4041:4042:4043:4044:4045:4046:4047:4048:4049:4050:4051:4052,0,9,16,25,36,77,112,153,200,253,320,385,490,585,700,830,970,1120,1260,1420,1620,1860,1990,2240,2504,2950,3426,3934,4474,6889,7995,9174,10425,11748,13967,15775,17678,19677,21773,30543,34212,38065,42102,46323,53026,58419,64041,69892,75973,102468,115254,128692,142784,157528,178184,196300,215198,234879,255341,330188,365914,403224,442116,482590,536948,585191,635278,687211,740988,925400,1473746,1594058,1718928,1848355,1982340,2230113,2386162,2547417,2713878,3206160,3681024,4022472,4377024,4744680,5125440,5767272,6204000,6655464,7121664,7602600,9738720,11649960,13643520,18339300,23836800,35658000,48687000,58135000,99999998,39900000,41800000,43700000,45600000,47500000,49400000,51300000,53200000,55100000,57000000,58900000,60800000,62700000,64600000,66500000,68400000,70300000,72200000,74100000,76000000,77900000,79800000,81700000,83600000,85500000,87400000,89300000,91200000,93100000,95000000,96900000,98800000,110700000,122600000,134500000,146400000,158300000,186200000,202100000,214000000,225900000,237800000,249700000,251600000,263500000,275400000,287300000,299200000,3101100000,3203000000,3304900000,999999999 //Base - Trans Jobs 150,4001:4002:4003:4004:4005:4006:4007:4008:4009:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:4015:4016:4017:4018:4019:4020:4021:4022,0,10,18,28,40,85,123,168,220,278,400,481,613,731,875,1038,1213,1400,1575,1775,2268,2604,2786,3136,3506,4130,4796,5508,6264,9645,12392,14220,16159,18209,21649,24451,27401,30499,33748,47342,58160,64711,71573,78749,90144,99312,108870,118816,129154,174196,213220,238080,264150,291427,329640,363155,398116,434526,472381,610848,731828,806448,884232,965180,1073896,1170382,1270556,1374422,1481976,1850800,3389616,3666333,3953534,4251217,4559382,5129260,5488173,5859059,6241919,7374168,9570662,10458427,11380262,12336168,13326144,14994907,16130400,17304206,18516326,19766760,29216160,34949880,40930560,55017900,71510400,106974000,146061000,174405000,343210000,39900000,41800000,43700000,45600000,47500000,49400000,51300000,53200000,55100000,57000000,58900000,60800000,62700000,64600000,66500000,68400000,70300000,72200000,74100000,76000000,77900000,79800000,81700000,83600000,85500000,87400000,89300000,91200000,93100000,95000000,96900000,98800000,110700000,122600000,134500000,146400000,158300000,186200000,202100000,214000000,225900000,237800000,249700000,251600000,263500000,275400000,287300000,299200000,3101100000,3203000000,3304900000,999999999
  2. I would love to have this for the current revision. Would any generous dev care to update it please?
  3. Hi. Thanks Sader. I get that. However that still doesn't explain why my costumes work if the view ID in 'Classum' (iteminfo.lub) does not correspond with the view IDs i've set in the item_db.txt and accessoryid.lub. Shouldn't they be blank if it doesn't correspond? I'm asking because I have hundreds of costumes and prefer not editing the view IDs in iteminfo.lub as you might imagine, but I don't know if keeping the old (4500s) view IDs will screw anything up if I do.
  4. Hi rAthena, I noticed something interesting today when I was fixing up some costumes. I was obligated to change the view ID range of them because the range I choose (4500s) weren't working, so I went for 2600s instead. Right so I changed the view IDs in item_db.txt and in accessoryid.lub, then rebooted my server to see if that did the trick. To my surprise, they show up fine now... I find it pretty weird because the (iteminfo.lub's) ClassNum of the costumes haven't been changed yet/are still in the 4500s range. Which makes me wonder... Actually how important is setting the ClassNum field for headgears/costumes? I was certain it needed to correspond with the view ID defined in the other files. Could someone shed some light? My client is 2016-12-28aRagexeRE
  5. Hello rAthena! May I ask? I am using Secret's dress room to switch outfits and was wondering how to make the breeder work along with this properly? Secret's dress changer only switches the character's sprite/appearance so when I click the breeder it would recognize the characters that have got a third job sprite as non-third jobs, which means that they are given falcons, pecos and carts rather than wargs, dragons/gryphons and mado gear. Is there a way I can have it recognize their (third) class sprite some way and be given the correct rental facility? Thanks a lot. prontera,155,180,3 script Universal Rental NPC 469,{ if (ismounting()) { message strcharinfo(0),"You must first remove your mount."; end; } else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RANGER) && !countitem(6124)) { if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) { if(select(" ~ Falcon: ~ Warg")==1) setfalcon; else getitem 6124,1; } else getitem 6124,1; } else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_MECHANIC) && !checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) { if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) { if(select(" ~ Cart: ~ Mado")==1) setcart; else setmadogear; } else setcart; } else if (!checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) setcart; else if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) setfalcon; else if (!checkriding() && getskilllv("KN_RIDING")) { if (eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RUNE_KNIGHT) setdragon; else setriding; } else if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) setmadogear; else { message strcharinfo(0),"You do not meet requirements to rent."; end; } specialeffect2 276; end; }
  6. Hi rAthena! I'm trying to create a script were the top 3 MvP players get 3x Old card album. Everything seems to go well, the table truncates fine but the issue is that the reward isn't put in the players inventory. What did I do wrong? MvPRank: mes "This will clear the current MvP ranking."; menu "Do it!",-; next; mes "[Rank Controller]"; mes "Inserting prize for Top 3 Player..."; query_sql( "SELECT `char_id`, `key`, `value` FROM `char_reg_num` ORDER BY `value` DESC LIMIT 3",[email protected]_idmvp, [email protected], [email protected] ); query_sql( "INSERT INTO `inventory` (`char_id`, `nameid`, `amount`, `equip`, `identify`) VALUES ("[email protected]_idmvp+", "+617+", "+3+", 0, 1)"); sleep2 500; mes "Truncating MvP ranking tables...."; query_sql("DELETE FROM `char_reg_num` WHERE `key` = 'MVP_Rank'"); sleep2 1000; mes "All done~"; close;
  7. Wow, thanks Stalao. That's really kind of you! My client version is 2013 08 07. It still supports the mail box system.
  8. Hey rAthena. I've been breaking my head about this for the past 2 hours. Someone care to take a look at it? I'm using the online peak NPC but want that, when a new peak is reached, every player gets 5x one type of the items in "[email protected][0]" array. I use a query to store the items in their storage but it simply isn't happening. The announcement is working fine and the server doesn't return any kind of error. What am I doing wrong here? I've tried different combinations of "[email protected]" Thanks in advance - script Highest Peak -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: // Assign current number of online players sleep 1000; .onlineusers = getusers(1); // Today's date .date$ = gettime(DT_YEAR)+"-"+gettime(DT_MONTH)+"-"+gettime(DT_DAYOFMONTH); // Query for the highest peak in the database query_sql("SELECT `users` FROM `" + .sqltable$ + "` ORDER BY `users` LIMIT 1",[email protected]); if(getarraysize([email protected]) == 0) { // There doesn't seem to be a row in our table, so lets create one query_sql("INSERT INTO `" + .sqltable$ + "` (`users`, `date`) VALUES (" + .onlineusers + ", '" + .date$ + "')"); } else { if(.onlineusers > [email protected][0]) { // This is where we check if we want to announce a new peak if(.displaypeakannounce == 1){ announce "[ Server ] We have reached a new population peak, we now have "+.onlineusers+" online players! Therefore we've decided to give you all a little surprise, re-log and check your storage to find out what it is!~ ",bc_all; // Replace the query_sql "INSERT INTO `storage` (`id`, `account_id`, `nameid`, `amount`, `equip`, `identify`, `refine`, `attribute`, `card0`, `card1`, `card2`, `card3`, `expire_time`, `unique_id`) "+ "SELECT NULL, `login`.`account_id`, '[email protected]', '5', '0', '1', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0' FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` > 1"; } // Now lets update the table with our new player peak query_sql("UPDATE `" + .sqltable$ + "` SET `users` = '" + .onlineusers + "', `date` = '" + .date$ + "'"); } } end; OnInit: // CONFIGS // We need an SQL table name first .sqltable$ = "cp_onlinepeak"; // Would you like an announcement when you reach a higher peak? // 1 = Yes // 0 = No .displaypeakannounce = 1; // ITEM REWARD // 14534 = Medium life potion // 12299 = Mega resist potion // 12354 = Buche de Noel // 12196 = Plain Rice Cake // 12123 = Honey Pastry setarray [email protected][0],14534,12299,12354,12195,12123; set [email protected],getarraysize([email protected]); //getitem([email protected][rand([email protected])],5); - We will use SQL so this will not be important. // END CONFIGS }
  9. Hey rA, Can anyone help? I'm using Annieruru's mission board but the daily and only once functions do not work the first time when you complete the mission. If you complete it once, you can complete it again, and only after completing it a second time, it will be labeled as completed. This applies both for daily and only once. If someone can help me fix it, I'd be forever grateful. Thanks Mission.txt
  10. It still doesn't work sir. This is the script im using now (without tabs): prontera,202,167,0 script killable -1,8,8,{ OnTouch: if ([email protected]) { @killable = 1; // Variable for keeping track of the status atcommand "@killable"; // Don't remember if it needed a parameter, I think it doesn't addtimer 1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnKillable"; // Will check after a second } end; OnKillable: getmapxy([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0); if (([email protected]$ != "prontera" || [email protected] < 194 || [email protected] > 210 || [email protected] < 159 || [email protected] > 175)) { // Out of the area of effect in Y side @killable = 0; atcommand "@killable"; // Don't remember if it needed a parameter, I think it doesn't } else addtimercount 1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnKillable"; // Will check again after a second until player goes out of the square end; } But the map server says this: Any idea? thanks for your help
  11. Tried this but now the map server says "script:op_2: invalid data for operator C_NE" >.<
  12. Hi. Thank you but ive already done this and killable still doesnt disable upon leaving the area. Anything else that could be wrong?
  13. Hi. someone of another community (Jabote) made this script, but it doesnt seem functional. it is suppose to enable killable in a certain cell and that it does but it remains enabled when i leave the circle/cords. Does anyone know how to disable it upon leaving the cords? Thanks in advance prontera,202,167,0 script killable -1,8,8,{ OnTouch: if ([email protected]) { @killable = 1; // Variable for keeping track of the status atcommand "@killable"; // Don't remember if it needed a parameter, I think it doesn't addtimer 1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"OnKillable"; // Will check after a second } end; OnKillable: getmapxy([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0); if (([email protected]$ != prontera || [email protected] < 202 - 8 || [email protected] < 202 + 8 || [email protected] < 167 - 8 || [email protected] < 167 + 8)) { // Out of the area of effect in Y side @killable = 0; atcommand "@killable"; // Don't remember if it needed a parameter, I think it doesn't } else addtimercount 1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"OnKillable"; // Will check again after a second until player goes out of the square end; }
  14. Ah thank you so much Capuche! On a similar note, do you know by any chance how to block it from using while the character is riding? (Peco or mount) Currently, if a mounted character uses the suit item, you don't see his mount when he is mounted. I tried something like If(ismounting()) dispbottom "You can't use this item now!"; but that didn't work. xD If that's too much, then disregard what I said. I am already happy with the answer on my first problem!
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