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  1. to make the normal headgear sir to become costume headgear ,no effect when become costume remove the effects of the headgear and also the slot, top,mid,low im using rathena server sir renewal , thank u sir for reply this is all i should do sir to have what i want ??? thnk u sir very much, sooo i only need to do sir is go to that files and change the lines ??
  2. Elow any body, can i request a Headgear to Custom Headgear Converter? i saw some topics but its not Clear to me just the Headgear Converter to Custom Headger Converter NPC and if need a diff, can i also? and where do Paste the diff?? any body?plss
  3. yes sir, i want to make the thana and ice pick effect base only on Vit Def not on Hard def
  4. Hello Sir and Maam, sir and maam , i use rathena server and renewal mode Any body can help me how to change the Thanatos Card and Icepick weapon effect on DEF as for my test , thanatos card and icepick effect only to those character that have a high armor def, i just want , thantos card and icepick effect only on VIT def not on armor def ,so the character/players cannot increase there VIT to much because thanatos and ice pick deals more damage to them . any idea sir and maam how to change it? i played DREAMER Ragnarok Online before, and i want like how they set that thanatos card effect on VIT def,
  5. how ti fix this, that even i reset my stats, the 500 stats still on my status points? because when i reset smy stats, the stats that it gives dissappear
  6. may i know sir which line and how to change it ? to make it clear? ill just want sir on my def status to change because when my level increase also my VIT def increase, so i dont want it and i want to change, i want to change only vit can increase my vit def also when i levelup my agi status every 5 agi i got 1 VIT def and i dont like that so iwant to know which line to change , and can u sir please clear where sir ? thank u sir for replying
  7. Hello sir and maam, Any body can help me how to set this i look for ithis line on src/status.cpp folder , iwonder how to change this // Def2 if (bl->type == BL_MER) stat = (int)(status->vit + ((float)level / 10) + ((float)status->vit / 5)); else { stat = status->def2; stat += (int)(((float)level + status->vit) / 2 + (bl->type == BL_PC ? ((float)status->agi / 5) : 0)); //base level + (every 2 vit = +1 def) + (every 5 agi = +1 def) } status->def2 = cap_value(stat, 0, SHRT_MAX); All i want to change is -I dont want the vit def increase when my base level increase -i dont want agi give a vit def also -only VIT can increase the Vit Def and every 2 vit = 1 vit def thank you , hopefully anybodty can help me which line i going to change and how,. im using Renewal server
  8. Bump this topic, Is any body have script on it??
  9. Any body how u guys sovlve it? I did exp and job exp 160000 when i reloadbattleconf yes it shows but when i restart the server it change back to default exp rate, How to save it please anybody know?
  10. eto na po boss yung huling NPC bago po mag exit po , yang parang warp po HorrorToyFactory.txt d2 yata na part yan boss [email protected]_d,218,150,5 script #exwp1 PORTAL,{ mes "Will you exit?"; next; if (select( "Take a look around", "Go outside" ) == 1) { mes "Stop the machine."; close; } close2; warp "xmas",233,300; end; } [email protected]_d,210,141,3 script Packaged Present#1 4_TREASURE_BOX,{ specialeffect EF_COIN; disablenpc instance_npcname( strnpcinfo(0) ); initnpctimer; end;
  11. I mean po last npc po pgmatapos ang quest mgbibigay po yung npc n yun ng reward mo tpos set mo nlng kung anong reward gusto ko mercong choices kung anong item ang eclaim ko as reward dahil natapos ko ang quest po
  12. Im trying sir but, i am not really a developer sir ,i dont understand the codes thats why i ask people, im trying to but its hard for me,im just only a seafarer im sorry
  13. How do i do that sir? And what should i change after? I use hercules 20180418exe ,rathena server,renewal server,i read diffirent topics bout it but i cant get it step by step how to do it ,and what should files to change and, Star emperor and soul reaper sprite novice ,my gangsi sprice acolyte, just that 3 jobs only sir is the problem,,thnx for reply sir
  14. Sir and maam any body can help me for this,?? Im new on ragnarok offline server,im sorry, My problem is my soul reaper job name become poring and sprite novice,?? Whats wrong on it? My client ragna exe 2018 client from hercules but server is rathena, Any body can help me what should i do plsss
  15. How did they solve this ,soul reaper and emperor showing novice sprite? I have same problem also, plsss repost how u guys solve those?
  16. I use renewal server air, but i disable the renewal stats calculation days ago, because of my status point so low even im level 500/120 because i want all parameters can max up to 500 stats, make it pre renewal calculation, And now the problem ,is when my base level increase and i put stats on agi, also my vit def increase, i want vit def increase only when vit increase,
  17. Any body can help me plss what error ia this, im shock while ill play my ranger and bump an instant turn to level 1 and job level 1 helppp plsss
  18. Hello sir and maam, any body know how to fix calculation of my vit def and mdef,im on max level 500 and reset the stats , if u look this SS my mdef and vit def is already too high even i dont stats int and vit yet flee,vitdef,matk,atk,mdef already too high,
  19. So what i need to do sir ,is to get that luafiles folder only? And paste it to my grf/data/luafiles514, thats what u mean sir? Problem solved ,thanks allot
  20. Problem solved, thanks allot sir how about this sir, if u look my vit def is too high already ,i dont equip anything yet and my vit is only 7 , but my vit def is 150 , ? Its already thanable, how to fix that sir?
  21. Good Day Sir and Maam i wanna know how to fix this, my agi and dex is already high should be the attack speed is maximum already i think, but still low and i think there is a problem on it?, i using renewal server but, i disable the status points calculation cause i change my max lvl and jlvl to 500/120 and i disable renewal status points calculation, any body can help me for this pls whats wrong on it? maybe calculation of stats is the problem of this,heres the scrren shot
  22. No sir, I mean there is a last npc that npc is the exit and said u finish the quest right? I want to insert script on that last npc ,script that she give u reward before u leave, and she give u a choices of items that u want as a reward, like example u put a five kind of headgear sets, and u have only pick 1 of those 5 sets of choices, then done and leave,
  23. Thank u sir for quick replys, But i mean sir put it on the last npc when quest finish, and i want to put item which is selections, that the npc said choose what u want and i can pick 1 of the five ore more choices , and that choices i can set what kind of item im goint to set whats inside but only i can pick 1 and done, Can u show me which part need to change and how to put the script on it??
  24. Good day sir and maam, I dont know where i should post this problem im sorry but plsss help I change my job exp rate and base exp rate to 999999 on trunk/conf/battle/exp.conf and save ,then i reload @reloadbattleconf ,yes it change ,but when i restart my server ,the both of those job ex.rate and basejob exp. Rate will back to default after restarting the server Any body know how to save it that even i restart my server the changes will not back to default???
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