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  1. Hey Adel, how are you? are you still selling this sprites? Im looking foward to buy some of them... And also i'd like to know if you make customs ones... thanks Pedro
  2. im talking to Rahul from eadev over Skype, and he is awsering me... but now i dunno if i go further since you said that you paid and never received the product... The said part is that the custom new templates from them are about 240~320 usd... thats a lot
  3. Hey there everyone. Im creating my new server, and would like to have a great fluxcp template on my website. But i dont want to buy a custom one, because it costs to much. Do you indicate someone? thanks P!
  4. Hey Functor, how are you?


    Looking to have Gepard in my new server.

    Would like to know the prices and products that you offer.




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