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  1. @edit Nevermind, just asked on Discord and Normynator told me to use screen to run each server or by run each server in separate ssh session. It worked. Hi there, I've searched, followed tutorials in this forum and also from rA wiki but I still can't use GDB... gdb map-server run After that command my map-server starts but it appears an error...I get this error if I try to run only login-server or only char-server or only map-server... [Error]: make_connection: connect failed (socket #7, error 111: Connection refused)!
  2. Does it work for old rA versions? (2016, 2017).
  3. Nevermind, I've just changed my rA emulator to an older version. Thanks anyways.
  4. @Edit Working for VIP players, but not for admins. Guess it's fine... I believe the Max Char Vip Slots for client 2014-10-22 is not working. I've tried to apply this patch but is also not working: The only thing that changed after I applied the patch is that those "Billing Services" Slots changed to "Premium Service". core.h #define MIN_CHARS 12 // Default number of characters per account. #define MAX_CHAR_VIP 6 // This must be less than MAX_CHARS mmo.h #define MAX_CHARS 18 I've tried only with admin account though.
  5. It's many warnings saying the classes does not have a job exp table...
  6. OVH VPS and Public Cloud are two different things. If your main purpose is only to do tests then I'd recommend VPS SSD, it's the cheapest and it can work very well to do tests. Public Cloud: You will find preinstalled or “as-a-service” solutions, with flexible, pay-as-you-go billing, so you can focus on your projects. VPS SSD: This VPS is hosted on a single dedicated server that is not cloud-based when the dedicated server will go down then all VPS will go down with that server. VPS CLOUD: VPS cloud is hosted on the group of dedicated servers rather than a single server in the event of server failure all VPS hosted on that server will isolate to other dedicated servers without any downtime of data loss. These VPS are also scalable whenever you need more CPU, ram with the click of the mouse you can increase resources. VPS Cloud RAM: VPS cloud Ram is also cloud-based, features are same as VPS cloud. However, VPS cloud ram comes with more ram than other VPS.
  7. @Emistry I guess we're all getting error when trying to compile the files "script" and "scrip_def" on src/custom folder.
  8. I guess you have checked only the first link, the second link is here
  9. Thanks for the reply. Actually I think rA emulator generates the import folder automatically (in any case my db folder already have "import" folder and "import-tmpl" folder. I have tried to edit directly into db/pre-re/job_exp.txt file, it did not work ONLY for the Job base level 255. Also tried editing only on db/import/job_exp.txt and it did not work for the Job level... I'm not sure why it's working for the Base 999 but not working for the Job 255. One question, does it matter if I add or not "999999999" at the end of each Base and Job exp line? I've noticed that old emulators does not have the "999999999" in the end. I'm only trying to edit Job 255 for the classes bellow, but not matter what I try to add it does not work. //Job - Adv Second Classes //Job - Ninja/Gunslinger //Job - Star Gladiator //Job - Super Novice & Baby Super Novice Here's my job_exp.txt edited only for Base level 999 (it's working). Here's my job_exp.txt with Base level 999 and Job Level 255, but job level does not work and I get errors and warnings on the map-server. I've copied the exp from db/import/job_exp.txt pre-re job exp...I've put all same for all of them, not sure if it is correct though cause I noticed that each of them have different exp...
  10. I'm trying to set up Base and Job levels to 999 for a PRE-RE server, but seems that Job is not working when I set to 255. I've checked all the topics about this, and on db/import there is Base 1000 and job maximum level is set to 255 but it's not working, after I set job level as 255 I get many warnings saying that many classes does not have the exp table...
  11. @ update solved, I just did not use the shops in the end, this way the items don't get duplicated. @spawnn Not sure why but it's showing duplicate of all items on each npc. The strange thing is that in my localhost is normal, but in the host server is duplicating all items, one normal and one item with discount price (for all characters classes). I found out that loading the npc manually by using @loadnpc the items being sold in the shops do not get duplicated, but if I set the script to be loaded using script_custom.conf all the items on those shops get duplicated. In the map-server I get warnings saying that the items are being sold for free (but they are not since it's a quest shop), and if I set the price to 10 or some small amount it says Item xxx [IDhere] discounted buying price (1->0) is less than overcharged selling price (5->6) in file 'npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt' Is there an easy way to solve this or I will have to make Emistry Patch to disable discount on that map and items?
  12. That was too easy. I feel embarrassed, haha. Thank you @spawnn
  13. Hello, I would like to know if there's a way to remove the categories from the Euphy's Quest Shop script (npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt). This way when the user clicks on the npc it will directly show the items available to "Purchase". Thanks in advance.