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  1. I think I understand now malangdo. So it doesn't give higher chances of enchant depending on coins, just additional or improved versions of the enchantments. case 1: //Anger_Seagod - Short Range set [email protected], rand(1,555); if ([email protected] < 81) set [email protected],4732; //Agility3 (I will get agi+3 if [email protected] is 2-80) else if ([email protected] < 161) set [email protected],4820; //Fighting_Spirit5 (I will get FS5 if [email protected] is 81-160) else if ([email protected] < 241) set [email protected],4843; //Sharp4 (I will get sharp4 if [email protected] is 161-240) else if ([email protected] < 311) set [email protected],4733; //Agility4 (I will get agi+4 if [email protected] is 240-310) else if ([email protected] < 371) set [email protected],4821; //Fighting_Spirit6 (I will get FS6 if [email protected] is 311-370) else if ([email protected] < 431) set [email protected],4844; //Sharp5 (I will get sharp5 if [email protected] is 371-430) else if ([email protected] < 476) set [email protected],4734; //Agility5 (I will get agi+5 if [email protected] is 431-475) else if ([email protected] < 516) set [email protected],4822; //Fighting_Spirit7 (I will get FS7 if [email protected] is 476-515) else if ([email protected] < 526) set [email protected],4807; //Atk_Speed1 (I will get aspd+1 if [email protected] is 515-525) else if ([email protected] < 546) set [email protected],4735; //Agility6 (I will get agi+ if [email protected] is 525-545) else if ([email protected] < 551) set [email protected],4823; //Fighting_Spirit8 (I will get FS8 if [email protected] is 546-550) else if ([email protected] < 556) set [email protected],4807; //Atk_Speed1 (I will get aspd+1 if [email protected] is 550-555) else set [email protected],9; break; I
  2. Thanks @ZER0 so using this , I just have to goto to the specific addparts set [email protected], rand(1,100); if ([email protected] == 1) { goto E_mhp5 // The 1% chance is successful! } elseif ([email protected] <= 10) { goto E_mhp4 // 10% chance } elseif ([email protected] <= 30) { goto E_mhp3 // 30% chance } elseif ([email protected] <= 75) { goto E_mhp1 // 75% chance } else { mes "Failed"; close; }
  3. I tried to study the Armor Enchant Script and Correct me if I'm wrong but as to my understanding of this , switch (rand(1,[email protected])) { case 1: set [email protected],4702;break; case 2: set [email protected],4712;break; case 3: set [email protected],4722;break; case 4: set [email protected],4732;break; case 5: set [email protected],4742;break; case 6: set [email protected],4752;break; case 7: case 8: set [email protected],4701;break; case 9: case 10: set [email protected],4711;break; case 11: case 12: set [email protected],4721;break; case 13: case 14: set [email protected],4731;break; case 15: case 16: set [email protected],4741;break; case 17: case 18: set [email protected],4751;break; case 19: case 20: case 21: set [email protected],4700;break; case 22: case 23: case 24: set [email protected],4710;break; case 25: case 26: case 27: set [email protected],4720;break; case 28: case 29: case 30: set [email protected],4730;break; case 31: case 32: case 33: set [email protected],4740;break; case 34: case 35: case 36: set [email protected],4750;break; default: specialeffect2 EF_PHARMACY_FAIL; mes "[Apprentice Craftsman]"; mes "Well that's too bad."; mes "The requested equipment has failed to enchant."; close; } getitem2 [email protected], 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, [email protected]; This is the line that adds the specific stat to the chosen armor. So If I chose a High Grade armor, I will have a @failrate of 60 as set to this line S_EnchantArmor: set [email protected],getarg(0); set [email protected],getarg(1); which is 60 based on this case 3: setarray [email protected][0],2364,2365,2391,2374,2375,2376,2377,2378,2379,2380,2381,2382,2387,2388,2389,2390; set [email protected],60; So I will get an enchant based on what case # I get from rand(1,60) If I get a case # without set , My enchantment failed? AND if get any rand() 37-59 It will also fail because there's no case# 37-59? Is this random result basis rather than percentage basis of some sort?
  4. Good Day, I want to create my custom script for an enchanting npc like this . I'm currently studying this script with malangdo enchant script for guidance. I'm a newbie in scripting and this will only be my 2nd npc script to date. I have the following questions . How do I specify success rate based on enchant results like this : Success% Enchant Result 1% - 4900 // MHP+5% 10% - 4686 // MHP+4% 30% - 4867 // MHP+3% 75% - 6743 // HP+1% Thanks in Advance
  5. atom Thanks for the prompt reply . I tried Atom and this is what it looks like . Do i need to change any settings? atom
  6. sorry for bumping this @dwlrma but how do you open the .lub files? .
  7. Thanks for the prompt response. I'll try this in the weekend. I'm testing to add mob and I need to edit the .lua/.lub files in data.grf
  8. Thanks for this pack , instructions are easy to follow and I was able install my own local server. Just a few questions : How can I edit the .lub files for adding new mob sprites . As I read I need to de-cript it first and save is as .lua files?
  9. Greyworld / Darkworld GRF

    Did you disabled /fog and /lightmap?
  10. Guide on changing skill animation

    any help or advise for this? thanks
  11. Good Day, I'm not sure if this is the correct thread but can i ask some help on identifying which .str/.tga files skills are using for animation? Like if there is like a list of which is which specially 3rd jobs. I'm doing minimized effects for my grf so I can play with effects on even being bmbarded with aoe skills as such. Kind Regards