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  1. kamirie

    Most EMP Breaker : Wager NPC

    Good Day, Getting inspiration from this https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3728-pvp-wager-match-wager/ , I would want to request/ask help to create a script that will allow players to issue bets to an NPC for most EMP breaker. Currently in our server there's a Message Board for who broke most Emps during WoE so I can use that same calculation to determine the winner. I would like to put up an NPC that will enable players to submit bets. It can be winner takes all , like if 4 players submitted bets only the highest breaker from those players will win all bets , the minimum bet will be based on the first player who issued a wager. The wager will be items not zenny . ( item ID 7227 or Other specific items ) . This will implement tax like 10% rounded up the number of items Also if not that much of a stretch , also on the same NPC there will be a another option to bet but this time , the players that will put bets here will just choose from the list of players that registered on the first option. The bets here will be put in a pot and will just be devided to the number of winners who chosen the player that will win the Most Emp Breaking. Also this will be taxed, 10% of the total pot before distribution. This will only accept ItemID 7227 Please feel free to input comments or Idea's to this. NPC OutLine : NPC Main | |- Option 1 for issuing wager and placing bets. Registration for the wager | All bets will be placed in a Pool , the winner will be based on who ever have | the most Emp breaks out of the registered players. Winner takes all format. | The player can talk to npc to claim the prize and will be announced server wide. | Also will be allowed a server shoutout like a megaphone effect. | | | | |------ Option 2 , will show a list of players that registered in option 1, players can bet on 1 of those players. ( If you registered in option 1, you cannot choose option 2 . to avoid betting on self). After WoE. Pleyers can collext their winnings via the same npc. The NPC will show the total pool collected , deduct 10% rounded down from this pot and show the number of winners. Each winner then can claim part of the pool as indicated by the NPC. Thanks
  2. kamirie

    Charm System

    a little help
  3. Ah, so at the moment , it's either just a rentitem or getitembound . If this is the case , I think I'll just shorten the duration of the rented item to control it. I was planning on making this custom box as a price for KoH WoE and prevent players from carrying it over when they leave the guild. will this line in item_group_db do what I need or there is more appropriate way of doing it. the item : will be announced after opening the box is a rented item that will expire in 300 ( does this read it in seconds or in minutes ) also does the drop 1 will give it 1/6 rate? so it's like 16.6% chance? how can I lower it to like 1% or 5% for example 40520,Charm,1,1,0,1,300,,,,,
  4. Good Day, Like from this thread I'm trying to create a custom obb like item. The item being produced should have an expiry time and guild bounded. I was able to create the custom box and create an item from that. But the item being created doesn't have expiration and is not guild bounded. I use this in item_group_db, in my understanding , that line should make the item be announced when the box is opened , have a duration of 300 ( for testing ) and is guild bounded(item will be deleted when the player left guild or has been kicked ). GroupID,ItemID,Rate{,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,GUID,isBound,isNamed} 40520,Charm,1,1,0,1,300,,2,, also tried 40520,Charm,1{,1,0,1,300,,2,,} The issue is the item I want is created but , it's not announced when obtained , do not have expiry and not guild bounded . Please help on what i'm missing Thanks
  5. Thanks @AnnieRuru just what I needed. A follow up question.Do you think this will be a resource hog since it's querying ?
  6. Hi @AnnieRuru thank you for this .I'm trying to change this that instead of inputting the item ID. There will be a define 10 item ID that will be look up. Those items will be just in inventory as it will be character bounded so no need for the switch selection. Also I tested this and it do show the result but it doesn't clear the result after the player stop talking with the npc. It saves it like a history .
  7. kamirie

    Charm System

    Good Day , How can I use this feature https://rathena.org/board/topic/97172-charms-items-effect-to-work-while-in-inventory/ . I tried following the instructions but the item don't give any bonus stats indicated in the item script. Also my mmo.h doesn;t have IT_CHARM in it like in the guide. The guide says to use type 12 but my type 12 is shadow gears. How can I implement this feature. my mmo.h enum item_types { IT_HEALING = 0, IT_UNKNOWN, //1 IT_USABLE, //2 IT_ETC, //3 IT_ARMOR, //4 IT_WEAPON, //5 IT_CARD, //6 IT_PETEGG, //7 IT_PETARMOR,//8 IT_UNKNOWN2,//9 IT_AMMO, //10 IT_DELAYCONSUME,//11 IT_SHADOWGEAR, //12 IT_CASH = 18, IT_MAX };
  8. Good Day, Can someone assist me in creating this scripts. Basically I want to create a message board in prontera that will display the names of owners of a specific item/items . The scan will show ALL owner online or offline . Outline : NPC > list of specific items > list of owners It's somewhat related to this but a player doesn’t need to input anything , when he/she clicks the npc he will be shown the list of the items and when clicked will show current owners. https://rathena.org/board/topic/78972-check-character-if-he-has-the-item/ Kind Regards
  9. Hi , Is there an update for this?
  10. kamirie

    Item Bound System Question

    I want to make a token like item that will serve as guild contribution points. And I will create an npc that can only be accessed by guild members and will trade the said points for certain Items. Reading this features . I got few questions. 1. Can I make the item be char,guildbounded at the same time? 2. If I can make it character/guildbounded , I don't need to use account binding because it wont be traded or stored anyway right? 3. Does binding it to character also prevents it being deposited to guild storage even though it's also guildbounded. 4. will this command do this requirements . @itembound itemid,1,6 with this post Where would I set it so If a player leaves or get's kicked off the guild, have that bounded item be deleted . I don't want it to be transferred to guild storage or be account bounded to the guild master. And if the guild breaks. the items will just be also deleted .
  11. kamirie

    guild leave and guild kick function

    Thanks about that, I saw a feature there that an item can be guildbound . I'll check if it will serve my purpose thanks.