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  1. thanks a lot :( Currently site is under maintenance
  2. Good Day, Can anyone tell what map is this and if this is a free or paid map. TIA dhttps://imgur.com/a/WtBcHyd
  3. Where or how can I edit 3rd job skill animation effect like ignition break,arrow storm, varetyr spear and so on? Mineffects cannot cut it as its a high rate skill all server. I know how to use an act editor, i just dont know what files those skills are using for animations.
  4. Good Day, Getting inspiration from this https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3728-pvp-wager-match-wager/ , I would want to request/ask help to create a script that will allow players to issue bets to an NPC for most EMP breaker. Currently in our server there's a Message Board for who broke most Emps during WoE so I can use that same calculation to determine the winner. I would like to put up an NPC that will enable players to submit bets. It can be winner takes all , like if 4 players submitted bets only the highest breaker from those players will win all bets , the minimum bet will be based on the first player who issued a wager. The wager will be items not zenny . ( item ID 7227 or Other specific items ) . This will implement tax like 10% rounded up the number of items Also if not that much of a stretch , also on the same NPC there will be a another option to bet but this time , the players that will put bets here will just choose from the list of players that registered on the first option. The bets here will be put in a pot and will just be devided to the number of winners who chosen the player that will win the Most Emp Breaking. Also this will be taxed, 10% of the total pot before distribution. This will only accept ItemID 7227 Please feel free to input comments or Idea's to this. NPC OutLine : NPC Main | |- Option 1 for issuing wager and placing bets. Registration for the wager | All bets will be placed in a Pool , the winner will be based on who ever have | the most Emp breaks out of the registered players. Winner takes all format. | The player can talk to npc to claim the prize and will be announced server wide. | Also will be allowed a server shoutout like a megaphone effect. | | | | |------ Option 2 , will show a list of players that registered in option 1, players can bet on 1 of those players. ( If you registered in option 1, you cannot choose option 2 . to avoid betting on self). After WoE. Pleyers can collext their winnings via the same npc. The NPC will show the total pool collected , deduct 10% rounded down from this pot and show the number of winners. Each winner then can claim part of the pool as indicated by the NPC. Thanks
  5. kamirie

    Charm System

    a little help
  6. Ah, so at the moment , it's either just a rentitem or getitembound . If this is the case , I think I'll just shorten the duration of the rented item to control it. I was planning on making this custom box as a price for KoH WoE and prevent players from carrying it over when they leave the guild. will this line in item_group_db do what I need or there is more appropriate way of doing it. the item : will be announced after opening the box is a rented item that will expire in 300 ( does this read it in seconds or in minutes ) also does the drop 1 will give it 1/6 rate? so it's like 16.6% chance? how can I lower it to like 1% or 5% for example 40520,Charm,1,1,0,1,300,,,,,
  7. Good Day, Like from this thread I'm trying to create a custom obb like item. The item being produced should have an expiry time and guild bounded. I was able to create the custom box and create an item from that. But the item being created doesn't have expiration and is not guild bounded. I use this in item_group_db, in my understanding , that line should make the item be announced when the box is opened , have a duration of 300 ( for testing ) and is guild bounded(item will be deleted when the player left guild or has been kicked ). GroupID,ItemID,Rate{,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,GUID,isBound,isNamed} 40520,Charm,1,1,0,1,300,,2,, also tried 40520,Charm,1{,1,0,1,300,,2,,} The issue is the item I want is created but , it's not announced when obtained , do not have expiry and not guild bounded . Please help on what i'm missing Thanks
  8. Thanks @AnnieRuru just what I needed. A follow up question.Do you think this will be a resource hog since it's querying ?
  9. Hi @AnnieRuru thank you for this .I'm trying to change this that instead of inputting the item ID. There will be a define 10 item ID that will be look up. Those items will be just in inventory as it will be character bounded so no need for the switch selection. Also I tested this and it do show the result but it doesn't clear the result after the player stop talking with the npc. It saves it like a history .
  10. kamirie

    Charm System

    Good Day , How can I use this feature https://rathena.org/board/topic/97172-charms-items-effect-to-work-while-in-inventory/ . I tried following the instructions but the item don't give any bonus stats indicated in the item script. Also my mmo.h doesn;t have IT_CHARM in it like in the guide. The guide says to use type 12 but my type 12 is shadow gears. How can I implement this feature. my mmo.h enum item_types { IT_HEALING = 0, IT_UNKNOWN, //1 IT_USABLE, //2 IT_ETC, //3 IT_ARMOR, //4 IT_WEAPON, //5 IT_CARD, //6 IT_PETEGG, //7 IT_PETARMOR,//8 IT_UNKNOWN2,//9 IT_AMMO, //10 IT_DELAYCONSUME,//11 IT_SHADOWGEAR, //12 IT_CASH = 18, IT_MAX };
  11. Good Day, Can someone assist me in creating this scripts. Basically I want to create a message board in prontera that will display the names of owners of a specific item/items . The scan will show ALL owner online or offline . Outline : NPC > list of specific items > list of owners It's somewhat related to this but a player doesn’t need to input anything , when he/she clicks the npc he will be shown the list of the items and when clicked will show current owners. https://rathena.org/board/topic/78972-check-character-if-he-has-the-item/ Kind Regards