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  1. when i ignore it, the headgear and garment/robe doesn't show and if the character equipped a garment, the notif always show so i can login into the game
  2. when I try add new headgear or robe, i test it with grf and it is always success without lua error but when i try to patch it to our server, the lua always error with string buf table index is nil i don't know where i choose the wrong step can someone help me? thanks in advance datainfo.rar
  3. i use PVP ladder with DOTA sound, but i keep got debug error messages like below and I attach my script thank you in advance for your help newPVP.txt
  4. my bad, i don't copy the whole thing this is the complete script
  5. I wanna use AnnieRuru Weekly MVP script but i want it with different MVP poin like crazyarashi script Can someone help me with this? thank you in advance weeklyMVP.txt
  6. Hello, I want to disable Dead Branch and Bloody Dead Branch on almost all maps and only use it on several maps The script I already use are this but only in the first map i can only use DB and BDB; I can't use itu on the rest of the maps. Maybe someone can help me fix this item script, or have alternative solutions. I already try add mapflag nobranch, but still failed. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. hello i want to ask something if i wanna enabled it on several map, around 8 to 10 only, how i write the script? thank you
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