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  1. i already disable it because if i dont disable it, i can not start woe i already start WOE in 1 session, dont have any error when i try to add another session, and woe start the emperium is gone, but we can kill other guild at castle
  2. hello, i use WOE Controller script at custom folder in rathena when i have 1 session WOE, this is work normally but when i try add another session, the emperium does not spawn when WOE start and the log give this error anything wrong with the script? thanks for the help
  3. i'll try this at next woe thanks for your support
  4. I want to give all player who join WOE have reward participant i use this script, but still get error this is the script and this is the error thank you for the support
  5. i use poring race script by capuche who use zell_ff8 script when the race start, the script give lot of getmapxy error and this is the script i use can someone help me to fix this? thank you in advance porace.txt
  6. I dont know to post it in where section My player have incubus pet, his pet have cordial intimacy when he teleport to some dungeon, his pet disappear at first, he can still look at pet info (Alt+J) but when he try to return it to egg, the pet disappear completely without egg and pet info can someone help me where is the problem? thank you in advance
  7. the mvp point work normal which dont work is sql for reward and archive when the weekly ended (OnSun00) usualy when Sunday 00, the top 10 automotic get reward and can claim the reward the top 10 and reward recorded at reward sql to check the last week top 10, sql archieve will save it until next week top 10 recorded
  8. i use AnnieRuru Weekly MVP rank with auto reward at NPC but when i try to add array of map where player can get point only from MVP at those map, somehow the sql table for archive and reward doesnt work at the end of week (OnSun00:) i dont know where i get it wrong from the script i edit, maybe someone can help me to fix it thank you in advance weeklyMVP.txt
  9. polong


    I want a BG like file i attach, but not instanced map, and i want it in different map at bat_b02 I already check AnnieRuru github at https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Battlegrounds/bg_emp_0.6r.txt for reference but when i open the file, it give MVP Ladder script, not a BG script thank you in advance bg_emp.txt
  10. to be exactly, i can cast it and have Hells Plant at top of the character like casting skill normally the SP also reduced according to the requirements but the plant bottle does not reduced, and it does not give "Skill failed" like when use some skill with item requirements
  11. hello, can you tell me how you solved it? i also have same problem like you i already copy from RE skill_db, but still can not cast hell plant
  12. i want to use Jobmaster NPC who dont have option to change taekwon class to 3rd job because my server dont support it I already use jobmaster from rathena folder, but it still give the 3rd job option i edited it, but still dont solve the problem thanks in advance jobmaster.txt
  13. I try add 3rd job at pre renewal server when i try feint bomb skill, its always miss even with 1k hit when i try hells plant, i can't summon it even when i have plant bottle at inventory when i try demonic fire and fire expansion combo, i can cast demonic fire and it will give damage to enemy but when i use fire expansion combo, it get miss (not cast acid demonstration) i can use acid demonstration normally can someone help me with this? thank you in advance
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