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  1. Frozek

    Lapine UI

    possibly it is, but I don't have any of these files in my DB
  2. Frozek

    Lapine UI

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to add some items in the Lapine system, but I can't find the directory, on github it says it was in item_upgrade.yml, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my emulator. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/4348
  3. thank you everyone
  4. Hello guys, I'm making this EDDA enchantment NPC, I would like to put it to have the fixed enchantment option, but I'm having a little difficulty with it, can anyone help me? in the subcall I tried to put the Enchantment IDs, but it is not changing the enchantment. look in switch "Modo Específico"
  5. Hi guys. Can anyone tell me where to change elemental damage, because mine here is wrong. Example: Ifrit is Fire element 4, it was supposed to take 200% more damage from Water, but it's taking 200% more damage from Earth, I already changed it in attr_fix but it didn't change.
  6. Hey guys, I'm wanting to make a ring that when equipped the character stops receiving exp, but I'm not able to script the item.
  7. Hello guys, as you all know the pattern of some instances are to reset after a certain time, I would like to leave it and fixed reset to 00:00 hours, I don't want to change anything in the instances just the time it will reset.
  8. Where is the NPC that uses the +6 Armor Refine Ticket and higher in the Emulator, I couldn't find it.
  9. Thanks bro, you helped me a lot.
  10. How do i remove this Quest? i've already searched in questid2display.txt and i didnt find it i want to remove it from ALT+U
  11. Hello i found this NPC on my PC, he resurrects the MVP's, but he is random, how do i get the MVP's to be born on the fixed map.
  12. Hello I am trying to make a vip card for the Official VIP System and I am not able to make it work follow the script of the item this is the original - Id: 12249 AegisName: Payroll_Of_Kafra_ Name: Payment Statement for Kafra Employee Type: Usable Buy: 20 Weight: 10 this is what i did - Id: 12249 AegisName: Payroll_Of_Kafra_ Name: Cartão Vip 30 Dias Type: Usable Weight: 1 Jobs: Summoner: true Trade: Override: 100 NoDrop: true Script: | vip_time(60*24*30);
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