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  1. Hello guys, as you all know the pattern of some instances are to reset after a certain time, I would like to leave it and fixed reset to 00:00 hours, I don't want to change anything in the instances just the time it will reset.
  2. Where is the NPC that uses the +6 Armor Refine Ticket and higher in the Emulator, I couldn't find it.
  3. Thanks bro, you helped me a lot.
  4. How do i remove this Quest? i've already searched in questid2display.txt and i didnt find it i want to remove it from ALT+U
  5. Hello i found this NPC on my PC, he resurrects the MVP's, but he is random, how do i get the MVP's to be born on the fixed map.
  6. Hello I am trying to make a vip card for the Official VIP System and I am not able to make it work follow the script of the item this is the original - Id: 12249 AegisName: Payroll_Of_Kafra_ Name: Payment Statement for Kafra Employee Type: Usable Buy: 20 Weight: 10 this is what i did - Id: 12249 AegisName: Payroll_Of_Kafra_ Name: Cartão Vip 30 Dias Type: Usable Weight: 1 Jobs: Summoner: true Trade: Override: 100 NoDrop: true Script: | vip_time(60*24*30);
  7. Hello guys, i'm making a PRE-RE server and i need some items that i only heve in the item_db_equip of the RE folder, but whe i take the line of the RE equipment and put it in the item_db_equip PRE-RE it gives this problem
  8. Hello I was trying to create a box like the old purple box, but with a few different items, in the old version I knew how to do it, but in this new version I'm a little lost.
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