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  1. I still can't i have tried several clients, only my old 2018-06-21aRagexeRE works. I don't know what could possibly be at this point.
  2. With that client i dont get the notice in logserv.bat nor Disconnected From Server, but i get "Failed to connect to server", what could be causing this?
  3. Good day, i need help with defining packetver, i know it has been asked a lot in the forum but the answer was always that 2020 clients weren't supported. Now that it is, i have tried 20200304 and i get a notice in logserv.bat: "Abnormal end of connection (ip: : Unknown packet 0xaf" I have tried defining packetver in src/custom/defines_pre and defines_post but i keep getting this message and i'm disconnected from server whenever i try to log in with my account. Maybe its simple and i'm not understanding what to do because of my bad english?. My Server is Renewal. I have already disabled packet obfuscation. I have rAthena version 48fd0e859b7ae3b640700b7b7c82e1b239805562 Thanks in advance.
  4. Recuerda agregar los .act y .spr de los items a la carpeta ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ Todos los items que no son hats se agregan a: system/iteminfo.lua (o dependiendo de como se llame el iteminfo que tu .exe esta leyendo) Luego a tu GRF: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ (.act y .spr) data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item (.bmp de icono del item) data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/collection (.bmp de illustracion del item) Si son hats o alas, etc... ya es otra cosa, tienes que agregarlos a un par de archivos mas, puedes revisar eso acá: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Custom-Items#defining-items-clientside-for-new-clients
  5. Hola, intente aplicar un parche a un emulador con git, me salieron errores así que revertí los cambios, pero ahora la carpeta quedó con un error: "rathena is not a working copy", como puedo arreglar esto?
  6. But Costume Garment/Robes aren't supposed to go in those, instead they go in spriterobename and spriterobeid, i think. I have searched for Fallen Angel Wings in accessoryid and accname and they aren't there.
  7. Hi, i have a problem with new costume. I added some new costume items from kRO, for example, Costume Giant Ribbon Bell(20546), but it doesn't show in-game, only in character selection. I added the item to the following: SpriteRobeName.lua SpriteRobeId.lua Iteminfo.lua "item" folder "collection" folder "¾ÆÀÌÅÛ" folder "·Îºê" folder And applied the corresponding ViewID (64 in this case). What am i missing? i'm using client 2018-06~ something, but it shouldn't matter since it is a normal Costume, not one with HATEFFECT. Thanks in advance guys.
  8. nope, i didn't change it, just copy pasted for testing, then i changed it and still got error. edit: i fixed it, now it crashes xD i changed: .tombid[.tombcount-1] = getnpcid(); for: .tombid[.tombcount-1] = getnpcid(0,"TheTomb"); i hope u can help me orz
  9. Thanks! i get an error: buildin_getvariableofnpc: can't find the npc TheTomb idk why, maybe it needs to be in a map.
  10. Thanks but i need this to be an actual script. My idea is to make a chest (sprite id 10005) that gives the MvP killer's party some items when click.
  11. I want to make a NPC that spawns whenever a player kills a mob from an array list. I dont know how to make it spawnable multiple times at the same time from different maps and players, like Tombs from MvP. Also, i dont know how to make it so it doesn't work with instanced mobs. Could this be done without source modifications? if not, could you guys give me some advice? Thanks as always for the help.
  12. Hi, anybody knows where can i get or has palettes for all jobs including Star Emperor and Soul Reaper? every palette i can find doesn't work and i get errors. Thanks in advance guys.
  13. I had fixed it a long time ago and forgot about this post sorry! but thank you anyway, maybe this can help others.
  14. Whenever i try to add new achievements i get this error: [Error]: Cannot read db/re/achievement_db.yml I carefuly went through it again trying to make 0 typos, still doesn't work. Here is my achievement_db.yml, i added 15 new achievements that are just for custom titles. I hope u guys can help me.
  15. Thank you both for the addtimer idea. and thanks for the script although I did it in other way.
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