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  1. nope, i didn't change it, just copy pasted for testing, then i changed it and still got error. edit: i fixed it, now it crashes xD i changed: .tombid[.tombcount-1] = getnpcid(); for: .tombid[.tombcount-1] = getnpcid(0,"TheTomb"); i hope u can help me orz
  2. Thanks! i get an error: buildin_getvariableofnpc: can't find the npc TheTomb idk why, maybe it needs to be in a map.
  3. Thanks but i need this to be an actual script. My idea is to make a chest (sprite id 10005) that gives the MvP killer's party some items when click.
  4. I want to make a NPC that spawns whenever a player kills a mob from an array list. I dont know how to make it spawnable multiple times at the same time from different maps and players, like Tombs from MvP. Also, i dont know how to make it so it doesn't work with instanced mobs. Could this be done without source modifications? if not, could you guys give me some advice? Thanks as always for the help.
  5. Hi, anybody knows where can i get or has palettes for all jobs including Star Emperor and Soul Reaper? every palette i can find doesn't work and i get errors. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I had fixed it a long time ago and forgot about this post sorry! but thank you anyway, maybe this can help others.
  7. Whenever i try to add new achievements i get this error: [Error]: Cannot read db/re/achievement_db.yml I carefuly went through it again trying to make 0 typos, still doesn't work. Here is my achievement_db.yml, i added 15 new achievements that are just for custom titles. I hope u guys can help me.
  8. Thank you both for the addtimer idea. and thanks for the script although I did it in other way.
  9. Hello guys, I want to make a script that affects every player in one map every X seconds, for example, everyone in the map gets healed/damaged/gets an item, every 3 seconds while on that map. I tried several ways but i always get player not attached errors. Also, how can i damage a player and show damage numbers animation?(without using atcommand "@heal -1000"?) I know we can manipulate a player's hp with "heal", "itemheal" and "percentheal" but this doesn't show any damage animation.
  10. I want to delete specifically an equiped item that is supposed to be refined to +7, but when i have 3 jackets and one is equiped, my script keeps deleting the ones in the inventory first even when they are +0, then at last deletes the one equiped. I have tried many ways but i keep getting inventory items deleted or errors. Here's what i tried: getinventorylist; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (@inventorylist_refine[[email protected]] == 7 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] == 2304 && @inventorylist_equip[[email protected]]) { delitem @inventorylist_id[[email protected]],1; } Thanks in advance
  11. My server crashes when using Sorcerer skill: Elemental Control, this only happens when using the skill at level 1 and 2. No errors or warning in the console, just an server crash signal without any information.
  12. So clean! with some modifications i made it work at any coordinates, thanks!
  13. I'm trying to do a npc that pushes away the player, whatever the direction the player comes from. I know it can work if i put the specific coordinates but i want to replicate it so i need something that will work in any map. I tried this for start. prontera,50,50,0 script push 99,3,3,{ OnTouch: getmapxy(@mapname$, @mapx, @mapy, BL_PC); getmapxy(@mapnamee$, @x, @y, BL_NPC); if (@mapx = @x - 3 & @mapy = @y | @mapy = @y + 1 | @mapy = @y +2 | @mapy = @y - 1 | @mapy = @y -2 ) { pushpc DIR_WEST, 2; end; } if (@mapx = @x - 2 & @mapy = @y - 3 | @mapx = @x - 1 & @mapy = @y - 3 | @mapx = @x & @mapy = @y - 3 | @mapx = @x + 1 & @mapy = @y - 3 | @mapx = @x + 2 & @mapy = @y - 3) { pushpc DIR_SOUTH, 2; end; } } This is supposed to push west if the player approach the npc from the left and push south if the player approach from below. But only the West push works and the South push is pushing West. Please correct me what im doing wrong, thanks.
  14. As we all know, a player needs high Attack Speed to spam a skill with no After-Cast Delay. For example; a Creator with Poem of Bragi can't spam Acid demonstration effectively without high ASPD. This is called animation delay or amotion delay (as far as i know). I'm having a bug that ignores this ASPD requirement and i can spam very very fast even with less than 100 ASPD. Even when the skills does have After-Cast Delay or Cool Down, i can spam 2 or 3 skills before the delay or CD begins! With an Auto Hotkey i can spam more than 20 skills per sec. I have tried adding Animation delay on "CastEnd" in skill.conf but it doesnt fix the problem itself, i still can cast more than 1 skill before the After-skill delay or cooldown begins. I hope anyone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks everyone, although i would love to understand Annie's script(i'll analyze it later), pajodex is more noob friendly xD.