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  1. Guild Name: Supremacy Server/Channel: Server/Channel: [GLOBAL]/[NA7] Guild Level: 10 Guild Master: Amaterasu. Language: English preferred but we're friendly nonetheless. Guild Facilities: Vending Machine : Lvl 5 Cat Litter Box : Lvl 6 Sewing Machine : Lvl 5 Black Cat Cafe : Lvl 5 Legendary Anvil: Lvl 1 Guild Information & Requirements: Most Guild Members are from Canada/USA. Level 90+ & Main Characters Only. Contribution: 1500 per week (Minimum) 33+ Active members at all times! 40+ Active members during Woe. Daily MVP & MINI Hunts with Guild Members. ET/Valhalla/Dojo are completed in our Main guild as well as on our Alt Guild. We have an ALT Guild for members. Our Discord has Exclusive Bots and Channels that can be accessed Roles given only by the Leader. About us: Supremacy was established for the sole purpose of conquering Castles during WOE hours in [GLOBAL]/[NA7]. Our guild members aren't just players to us they're Family. If you're interested in joining us please whisper Amaterasu. in game or Send me a direct message here. Note: I can't post in Server Database for obvious reasons, I hope that this is fine.