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  1. Oh my god. Im really a noob. dont even know that. Thank you
  2. Hi Guys! Im a newbie, How do you make your server not shake from critical explosion, earth quake etc? Help me out please. Ive been up all night an day trying to find the answers. I still dont know huhu, help me please
  3. Hi guys, Im a total newbie. Hope you are doing well today. How do you CHANGE status effect? I want the CURSE status removed the -25% attack penalty, Help me please.
  4. Hi There! My name is Sitti Aisha, Im new to this Forum. I want to make my own online ragnarok for fun with my friends. Can you tell me what to do? I dont even know where to start. I was able to run an offline ragnarok. 1. How do you change/edit item description and item effect please? 2. How do you put a basic shop NPC with example: ydrassil berry selling it. Please please. I just need idea. please please help me please