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  1. I'm mainly trying to log the damage on a certain monster, but I'll try that! So dmglog is a char-bound variable? Because the system I'm trying to implement is a damage rank on an instanced monster, so I was trying to get each character's damage on a certain mapflag or monster.
  2. I was trying to log those on a sql table or either create a variable to be used on a script to store the damage (onto a certain mob or mapflag), but then I got lost on how to do that.
  3. Amazing, I'll take a look at that, thanks for the reply! So, i took a look at the DAMAGELOG_SIZE_PC and it seems like it only stores players' IDs. Is that right? Then I found the function pc_damage_log_add on pc.cpp, however I don't really get how it stores the damage and when pc_damage_log_clear is called, do you have any insight on that? Thanks once again.
  4. Greetings everyone, I've been trying to log damage numbers related to each character at a certain mapflag, however I've got no success at all. So I got the idea of logging the "Battle message" numbers on the chat instead of trying to mess around creating new src commands. Where would I be able to find those numbers on the server side? I gave a look at clif.c but still couldn't find out the logic behind it. Thanks in advance!
  5. well, thanks for sharing, but i got an error, it says that is missing shadow files, do you know what is that? ty as well XD @edit My bad, i forgot 1 thing, its ok right now, thanks for sharing XD
  6. Title, welp, i was searching thru web but i couldn't find =( @edit nvm, already found rofl
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