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  1. @sader1992 sad for us its not working...
  2. Resetting to the default view: Quickly right-click twice to reset the view to face north This does not work on our client. Client Date is 2015-11-04
  3. xGod

    FluxCP Reset Pass

    @Cydh It's working now. Topic closed. I didnt see there's another email that contains the new password. Sorry.
  4. xGod

    FluxCP Reset Pass

    @Cydh It's working now. I changed it to HIGHGM and others can change pass now except the highest gm level. Edit : NOT WORKING SORRY. Email has been sent to my email but when i click the reset pass link given. It's not working.
  5. xGod

    FluxCP Reset Pass

    Should i change it to something like NOONE ? Edit : Tried changing it to NOONE and this error appears Strict Standards : Accessing static property Flux_Mailer::$errLog as non static in /home/admin/web/rotheorigin.com/public_html/lib/Flux/Mailer.php on line 20 Strict Standards : Accessing static property Flux_Mailer::$log as non static in /home/admin/web/rotheorigin.com/public_html/lib/Flux/Mailer.php on line 21
  6. xGod

    FluxCP Reset Pass

    I'm having this kind of error when I try resetting pass on my fluxcp. Password recovery cannot be used for this account. tried it with the default theme and the custom theme. application.php 'RequireEmailConfirm' => false, // Require e-mail confirmation during registration. 'RequireChangeConfirm' => false, // Require confirmation when changing e-mail addresses. 'MailerFromAddress' => '[email protected]', // The e-mail address displayed in the From field. 'MailerFromName' => 'name', // The name displayed with the From e-mail address. 'MailerUseSMTP' => false, // Whether or not to use a separate SMTP server for sending mail. 'MailerSMTPUseSSL' => false, // Whether or not mailer should connect using SSL (yes for GMail). 'MailerSMTPUseTLS' => false, // Same as above SSL setting, but for TLS. This setting will override the SSL setting. 'MailerSMTPPort' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: SMTP server port (mailer will default to 25). 'MailerSMTPHosts' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: A string host or array of hosts (e.g., 'host1' or array('host1', 'backuphost')). 'MailerSMTPUsername' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: Authorized username for SMTP server. 'MailerSMTPPassword' => null, This is my setting.
  7. xGod

    The Origin

    Server is looking for Sponsor ( Investor ), Pm me for more info about this matter. You can also add me on Discord : Orion#4806 Note : Server is already running. But the official launch will be this August 4.
  8. did you patch it on your server tho ?
  9. Make sure item_db is uploaded on your database/phpmyadmin
  10. What security are you using ?
  11. dispbottom "Security System Enable: Use @"+.comando$+" for more information.";
  12. dispbottom "Security System Enable: Use @command for more information.";
  13. xGod


    Looking for someone who's interested to SPONSOR in this project. What I'm planning to build is a high rate free farm item server like RAN ONLINE. Sponsor's money will be returned when the server grows and become stable. Perks of being a sponsor : - Forum / Discord / In-Game Title [ Contributor ] - Special In-Game Package ( 1x ) - Percentage in Donation For more info, you can contact me here in rAthena or Discord ( Link above )
  14. try using zackdreaver's translation
  15. Mkae sure you have complete files for your client to work.