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    This server is a new renewal server that hosts amazing events daily, and boasts a nice, new refreshing scene in the ragnarok world. We have put a lot of work to make everything player friendly, and we cater to all our players. Events are done daily, with a few chances to win actual cash points to use to buy different costumes and items. So what are you waiting on? Come join us now! Info: Max Level: 255/120 3rd Jobs available Freebies Available (Full wing and helm set, along with a lot of other cool goodies) 100x/100x/20x means lots of fun, but still with some effort to be the best. Active and helpful Administration Staff, So a GM will always be available either on discord, forums, or in game help desk. Custom instances and events will keep things new and active for your RO life. Something new is always happening to Dont Miss Out!
  2. Nothing has changed after downloading that package. I am still getting the same errors. It seems as though the compiler is not comparable with the new MariaDB MySQL that is forcefully downloaded when I run apt-get install MySQL. Every time I try to install any version of libmysqlclient-dev I am just given a message stating that it is obsolete so maybe there is a workaround that others have used? i am using Debian 8 as my OS
  3. So after following the many guides, all have trapped me in the same situation. I cannot complete the ./configure command to make my server files. I have made mysql (MariaDB version was installed automatically) I have made databases, users, and set the privileges. This is what I get when I run ./configure
  4. @Dastgir Pojee Thanks for the help but that command does nothing. I am still missing files that were dumped when the patch failed. Also nothing was really reversed..... Here is what I typed in the command prompt: patch -p0 -R < /root/Dekstop/trunk/ExtendedVendingSystem_1.8.1.patch Nevermind I fixed it Thanks Dasstgir Pojee for trying to help.
  5. how on earth do I unpatch this because it totally messed up my server. It took out a lot of files and what not within my server and it erased some applications like my map-server.sql file.............. I need a reply asap OR if you know of a fix for this because I did not backup my files before I executed the patch because I did not know it would just mess everything up in my ro folder....... (PS I am hosting it on a Linux server) EDIT: Here is the errors I got when applying the patch:
  6. ok my maps work perfectly fine. Its just when I warp to one of the (custom) maps they sometimes freeze me, and wont let me move my character. I pretty much cant click anywhere on the map. (not able to use skills or more) but i can talk, sit, spin, and warp around the map (using @jump or fly wing) The weird thing is it does not do this every time. Only some times. To fix this I just restart my client and I am able to walk again. But is there any way to permanently fix this?
  7. Ok I found a little fix to my problem. I tried to take the lua files folder out of luafiles514 and it shows my custom items. But now I cannot save my shortcuts. When I setup a shortcut then close the shortcut window it just resets back to default.... PS: When I tested out my luafiles514 folder the shortcuts and hostkeys work when I have that in but my custom items do not work. Vice vera if I take out the luafiles514 and just have the lua files folder the shortcuts and hotkeys dont work but the custom items work. This is a very annoying thing I am using 03-15-11 client also.
  8. Yes I kind of still need help with this issue. I have yet to find a solution to my problem....
  9. I actually did see that when you where looking for an answer to your problem and I actually dont even have that file. I dont know if I am looking in the right folder. Here is what my lua folder looks like:
  10. Thanks for the try but that did not help.....
  11. Update: I am still in need of assistance
  12. The one over the spr file is the act file...... I just did not put the extension. Yes I did add female and male sprites UPDATE: Could someone experienced please like remotely look over my files and see if I did something wrong? I have gone over my stuff atleast 30 times and I do not see any mistakes. I dont think I have done anything wrong. But my items will not show up in the game. Nothing will work....... I am at my last resort.....
  13. That is not what need help with. The item works in game. It just does not show when equipt.
  14. Why would I remove it if it is not my last item. As I stated I am adding other custom items but none of them will show the item when equipt. This is just the first of the items. So I believe I still need the comma. I did remove the comma for the last item on the list.
  15. Ok I have put custom items into my server before (22 of them) and they all work perfectly fine. But when I tried to add in a few new items they are in the server. I can see them in my inventory, I can see them when I drop it on the ground, and I can trade them and all. Its just when I put it on they do not show. I also get errored when I try to look at my equipts while the item is on me. Here is my information: idnum2itemresnametable.txt/num2itemresnametable 20023#_Aimon_Wings# luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/accessoryid.lua ACCESSORY_AIMON_WINGS = 897, (PS here is my previous item before this one "ACCESSORY_WHITE_CHAKRA = 896," and it works perfectly fine) (Also this item is not my last item in the list. That is they the comma is there.) luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/accname.lua [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_AIMON_WINGS] = "_Aimon_Wings", texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/collection and item _Aimon_Wings sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ _Aimon_Wings sprite/¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/¿© ¿©_Aimon_Wings ¿©_Aimon_Wings.spr sprite/¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/³² ³²_Aimon_Wings ³²_Aimon_Wings.spr item_db2 20023,_Aimon_Wings,Aimon Wings,5,,,0,,,,4,67108863,7,2,512,,,0,897,{},{},{} (Its not exactly like this because I inserted this item via flux cp. So it was a lot easier then doing it manually) *I tried to take the "_" out from in front of the item also and that did not work. *All my previous custom items work perfectly fine. Even after I added these items in my grf. *I used a gpf to insert it in my grf with neoncube. (I did this with my last items with not problem) *I do support upper view id's with my grf *I looked over my things multiple times. *I am adding in a total of 73 new items. Non of them work when equipt. so I am guessing there is something wrong with the views or something