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  1. 10/10 Service, Fast and Pro , im currently using one of his VPS as proxy and the ping is as low as the prices for it, I Recommend !
  2. AntonLee

    Enchant: Random Option

    Nice script.
  3. AntonLee

    Prontera 2 - Legend of the Second

    Nice attention to details , i see most of the buildings alligned the same as in the original, i find the textures kinda .. low res? maybe its your config, but its a pretty good work overall.
  4. AntonLee

    NPC Script Editor

    Im going to assume there's no more support for this Editor? v600 link is down ( doesnt appear in download list )
  5. AntonLee

    NPC Script Editor

    there is no v600 on the download list, i can only get the 300 or something and it doesnt have the F6 console.
  6. i already fixed my problem, i had to rename the files , now i can keep the save_bodystyle on without crashing.
  7. I already have this, but the sprite missing is named different as you can see.
  8. did you managed to solve the crash problem? i get a missing sprite error, do you know how to fix this?
  9. AntonLee

    Server Database Editor

    You're an effin savior , I love you , Thank you a lot !
  10. AntonLee

    Server Database Editor

    I cant seem to get my grf nor data folder inside the tool, it just wont let me drag and drop it, a restriction icon will appear and nothing will happen if i drop the grf inside, what can i do? im using windows 10 with 4k monitor ( tried using screen res of 1080 and 720 , still same problem ). pls help, btw your program is amazing and has saved me a lot of time, so thank you very much :).
  11. AntonLee

    [Showcase+DL] Hairstyles

    Hello, im trying to use custom palettes but it crashes every single time, btw im using these. What to do? pls, your hairstyles look so good and i want to use them, but i keep getting missing palette errors .