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    What I'm looking for is a Scripter, Web Developer and a Designer for banners, screenshots and the like for pure advertising. Now each job will be paid differently and discussed with the person. I don't wanna ask for how the job is doing or anything like that every now and then. I'm expecting that you take it as a serious job like any other. you would be paid upfront and you just need to finish it. Send progress report so Im not in the dark and just guessing when the jobs gonna be done. Anywas here is my contact information I barely look at rathena messages so please I'd prefer if you contacted me on discord. Will need advertising services as well. Whatever services you think you can provide even if it may not be on what I listed I would LIKE to know anyways I'll probably have some use for you. with this being said, thank you for taking the time to read and answer. Discord: EvilDeity#4373
  2. Hi guys again.. im requesting help on something , Example im using the neoncube's patcher and this is my set-up [server] server_name = MyServerName notice_url = MyServerName.no-ip.org/#mod-news patch_site = [url="http://MyServerName.no-ip.org/#mod-downloads"]http://MyServerName..../#mod-downloads[/url] patch_port = 80 patch_list = Patcher/patchlist.txt patch_folder = Patcher/patches/01112011.gpf executable = MyServerName.exe registration_link = MyServerName.no-ip.org/index.php#register skin = skin_red grf_file = data.grf Backup_GRF = 1 startup_option = 3 [general] debug_mode = 0 archive_passphrase = American Idiot The Thing is im using Wamp Server to host my own server and no-ip so people don't actually type my IP to go to the website. Anyhow..Is it posible to host your own website and yet make the patcher ( neoncube ) to work? because im always getting the error "Failed to get patchlist.txt" Also i gotthe Patcher ( Folder )/Patchlist.txt on my Wamp/www folder ( for those who knows how wamp works )...Same with Patcher/patches Anyways If you know how to fix it please PLEASE. let me know lol ty for your time.
  3. Anyways i just wanna put some custom items on a 2nd GRF with out erroring and for my client.exe to pick it up. I know what your trying to say. and i do know this but maybe i expressed in a bad way that you didn't understand what i said , What im trying to say is that im using wamp server with a website. but no matter how many times i followed up to 7 guides so far , i can't work with the neoncube / patcher , as it won't work 4 me. im just asking , is it possible for neoncube to work with wamp/no-ip websites ( the ones your hosting on your own )
  4. Let me try give me a second -- Anyways since your helping me on this ( Thanks a lot , i appreciate it. ) Do you know anything of how to make a patcher work using no-ip and wamp?hosting it through your own pc. ---------------Update it kind of works now? i think it works , i just see every item from 2nd.grf as an apple and if i equip them i can't see them----------- What am i missing?
  5. 45001,Black_Avian_Wings,Black_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1141,{},{},{} 45002,Blue_Avian_Wings,Blue_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1142,{},{},{} 45003,Brown_Avian_Wings,Brown_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1143,{},{},{} 45004,Cyan_Avian_Wings,Cyan_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1144,{},{},{} 45005,Gold_Avian_Wings,Gold_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1145,{},{},{} 45006,Green_Avian_Wings,Green_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1146,{},{},{} 45007,Orange_Avian_Wings,Orange_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1147,{},{},{} 45008,Pink_Avian_Wings,Pink_Avian_Wings,5,,0,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,1,1148,{},{},{} And i shouldn't get gravity error cuz i did added the customs right , but i just made a new grf , cuz my 1st grf is already too full..
  6. Well that's were i'm really not sure of , i added 8 custom items into my "testing.grf = 2nd.grf" and when i go ingame to create it , it won't come up it only says "Item cannot be created - Item created" That means that there are no .spr .act lua files etc. all that or am i wrong?
  7. Yeah i did exactly as you said in there and also i did it in this order , And also when it patched it , it didn't really work.. [Data] 1=1st.grf 2=2nd.grf 3=rdata.grf 4=data.grf
  8. Hi guys i'm having trouble with enabling multiple grf's on any client.exe i try , i have tried so far every diff patcher , shin's patcher , the original ones ( i think ) and so far im not successful i can't make my client read my other Grf for some reason... Anyways I am asking to anyone to please lend me a hand in here , how do i do it exactly or can you make me a client.exe ( fully english ) that reads multiple-grf's and the basic things on it.. Anyways im using Renewal SVN 650 Version. Again this is my last resort i tried everything so far on my own and i just can't figure it out on my own..Hoping to get some help.
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