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  1. @Anacondaqq Thank you for the guide What is the different between clean solution and build/rebuild? I guess clean is for first time compile and build/rebuild for modification on source afterward?
  2. Slyx

    Seberapa banyak yang aktif?

    hai semua..saya baru jinak2 dalam dunia rAthena. Masih belajar cara2 edit server. peace from malaysia!
  3. Oh..I didn't know a GM status makes players' bar visible. So this is normal then?
  4. Client date: 2018-06-20 HP bar for non-party member visible when I am on dual client. Any solution on this?
  5. This error keep appearing in mapserv.bat after i equipped and removed my costume item. Any idea how to solve this?
  6. @shadowofdoom @Anacondaqq i know this is an old topic but how do I apply this patch? I am still learning about this new thing
  7. Slyx


    From the video below, when the rune knight used concentration skill, the def was not reduced base on the status window shown. Did they remove the def penalty from concentration or the def reduction is not displayed on the status window?
  8. Currently I am using client 2018. Does newer client have grf data size limitation?
  9. Good day, Whenever I update my kro client by using rsu-kro-rag-lite, I receive this warning. Do you guys ever encounter this warning? Any help/feedback will be very much appreciated.TQ
  10. @Quesooo welcome.i will update this post once I managed to get the heidam script done
  11. Hello guys, My very first scripts that I produced. Please be noted these scripts do not have anti hack function and I only use it for my personal offline server. Feel free to use and add your own costume. cheers! mal_enchant.txt
  12. Slyx

    Mob uses Tetravortex skill

    @MathReaper In official server fenrir does use tetra and it works by hitting the target 4 hits with neutral element.i guess i need to create a loop by using "for" command just like player's tetra
  13. Do you have other link for kro latest client?
  14. Hi @MathReaper i experience the same problem as @fictionx does. Client crash when selecting new character. I am using latest kRO from here and it is updated: Diffed with only recommended selections but nothing changed.weird.