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  1. A simple question for you, is your kro up to date?
  2. Use this: git clone https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git ~/rAthena Specify the directory where you want to clone the emulator. "~/rAthena" = change to your directory.
  3. Hello dear friends of rAthena, I'm having problems when running the rAthena server control commands, after performing a certain command, for example: ./athena-start "restart" or "stop" I simply wait for about 10 minutes for it to take effect. I checked the memory of the VPS server that is hosting my emulator and does not even use 1/4 of its total capacity which is 2GB RAM. can anybody help me? This is normal? Can I expedite the process of "killing" the server? Thanks in advance for your attention.
  4. Thanks @TheDerpySupport, just changing the line numbers to "0" (zero) in all fields and solved my problem. Hope it helps someone else, solved!
  5. Hello dear friends of rAthena, I am looking to disable / remove the bonuses received by classes in the emulator. In the attached image, I marked exactly what I want to change: As you can see I received in this class +9, +8, +10, +7, +8 and +3 (Paladin). How do I remove these "attributes"? Sorry for my bad english =D
  6. Check the "footer.php" file inside the Themes folder on the following line: The same name used in config / application.php must be in ["Server"] I helped myself REPUT;
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