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  1. After some research, that is because the wrong RSM file format (version 1.5, earler is correct), Gravity seems modified the version 1.5 of RSM file format, so the older formatted RSM would cause the client crashes. I can make the tools outputs the older version of RSM file version (1.4), but we will lose position animation, only rotation animation is valid, and then BrowEdit will also accept the output RSM files. I can't found any official new version RSM in kRO 20130701, so sad
  2. Do you also have the same effect?
  3. Fixed in the latest version Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package
  4. Try to update your fbx importer to newest: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=10775855
  5. Hi, those material has been assigned texture names? Those texture filename doesn't exist? What is the render result?
  6. Fixed, thanks for your report This problem caused by I forgot to transform texture name to lower case before extra files from Grf, because all filenames in Grf are store in lower case. It's not possible because it was the official client fixed. For example: a texture name actually from 'data\texture\abc\def.bmp', then Rsm would only store 'abc\def.bmp'. I just have tried this case, and it was worked fine I made ​​a mistake before The dimension of this texture is 300x400.
  7. That's correct, but the animation speed combobox is editable now, you can input any numbers
  8. Updated. Thanks for your suggestions
  9. Thanks This problem has been fixed in the newest version. Good catch, thanks again
  10. Sorry for the late reply Yes, that because RSM has a concept like 'Actual Animation Length', it determine the time length of whole model, and the client will only follow this time as the animation length of all mesh node. This tool will use the shortest mesh node animation length as the model animation length. Can you upload your fbx and converted rsm that I can test it? I have make a simply model like you said, rotate at 360 in a 100 time frame, and it loops smoothly. Here is the fbx and converted rsm I have made: http://www.mediafire.com/?s8chdvpdnoa9rxq To use RSM to FBX conversion, you have to set resource sources so the tool can find and copy textures
  11. Hey, today I have completed the update of this tool Now that is possible to convert any rsm model to fbx, and convert it back without any differences. The tool make the conversion as much as possible to keep original infos (parent-child relationships, transforms, animations, smooth groups, texture names). So we can easily modify details of official models, like below. BTW, browedit still will crash that way. I have emailed borf, hopes he notice my mail and can be interested to debug it
  12. Ahh! I forgot to fix the UV flipped problem Flip all textures just a temporary fixes, I didn't know the UV origin of 3dsMax/Maya were left-bottom corner at that time. I will fix this and released together with new features (rsm ---> fbx)
  13. Look at how browedit would crashed that way, I simply don't know why I would contact to brof request a debug. Models sometimes will rotation of 180 at the X axis mostly because the incorrect up-vector axis setting when exporting fbx. That 'shadow' is shading Almost all model has this effect, unless you choose 'No shading'. The bitmap type of generated textures is depend on the origin format. And browedit also support 32 bits textures Here is a simply picture to explain how it works:
  14. Yeah, just copy all generated textures to data/texture/
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