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  1. hi I was having alot of problems migrating from my windows server to my linux server I wanted to ask does copying and pasting the whole compiled rathena server from windows to linux work? as for my linux server everytime I try to git clone https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git the first time it works but after dir or ls on the location you can't see it after you try it again is says directory fatal error: not an empty directory is there a way to work around thru this? I didn't have a lot of issues at first however after installing gepard on the same way I installed it on windows alot of problems are occuring someone kindly help me please
  2. I have a problem I use to host my servers from a windows server however I am transitioning or migrating to a linux server here's the scenario after cloning github.com/rathena/rathena.git I'll ./configure && make clean && make server now everything works fine but take note that gepard is not yet installed after copying the files from windows to linux and trying to compile them it simply didn't work is there a special reason for these is gepard on a windows server different for a linux server
  3. but the are using different login server using the same ports
  4. apparently you may use reverse proxy to specify a certain virtual machine for the specified domain and yes both domains are using the same public ip they are currently using the same ports all you need is a pfsense switch to managed the stuffs on the photo
  5. believe it or not this actually works note that both ragnarok.ddns.net and ragnarokprovider.ddns.net is under one single public ip address the best part I could add additional servers on my home setup using the windows server 2016 as a relay the bad part is I am currently configuring my hosting services which is why I'm back on hardware mode you may try in on your own server though
  6. well as a matter of fact I have been successful on sample1.com and sample2.com even if they are using the same ports since it is tcp port I assume it would do the same on my client the same way a url address works because my client info is using the domain not the ip address server 1 and 2 uses port 80 as the are just web servers server 3 and 4 on the other hand doesn't have apache on it as it doesn't require running websites on it
  7. Hi I have a question regarding the clients that we use for our servers does it connect thru the server via http? because as you can see I am trying to do this on my home network
  8. Life insurance and Manchu-Han Imperial Feast buff gets removed after dying how do I make it stay?
  9. hi I added this https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/tree/master/Custom_Functions but there seems to be a problem on my end not sure what though
  10. Fast worker very knowledgeable and a lot of free tutorials and consultation on hand
  11. Kindly check my message so we could discuss further


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