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  1. how can i setup the @commands /* Atcommands and charcommands configuration file */ /* The symbol that will be used to recognize commands. You can set any one character except: - control-characters (0x00-0x1f), - '%' (party chat symbol) - '$' (guild chat symbol) - '/' (client commands symbol) atcommand_symbol represents @commands used locally. charcommand_symbol represents #commands used on other players. */ atcommand_symbol : "@" charcommand_symbol: "#" /* Command aliases You can define aliases for any command. Aliases work just like original command. Format is <commandname>: ["<alias>", ...] */ aliases: { mobinfo: ["monsterinfo", "mi"] iteminfo: ["ii"] time: ["date", "serverdate", "servertime"] autotrade: ["at"] help: ["h"] jumpto: ["goto", "warpto"] mount: ["mountpeco"] who: ["whois"] npctalk: ["npctalkc"] gvgon: ["gpvpon"] gvgoff: ["gpvpoff"] jobchange: ["job"] load: ["return"] warp: ["rura", "mapmove"] dye: ["ccolor"] hairstyle: ["hstyle"] haircolor: ["hcolor"] monster: ["spawn"] blvl: ["lvup", "blevel", "baselvl", "baselvup", "baselevel", "baselvlup"] jlvl: ["jlevel", "joblvl", "joblvup", "joblevel", "joblvlup"] glvl: ["glevel", "guildlvl", "guildlvup", "guildlevel", "guildlvlup"] resetstat: ["streset"] resetskill: ["skreset"] allskill: ["allskills", "skillall", "skillsall"] allstats: ["allstat", "statall", "statsall"] ban: ["banish"] unban: ["unbanish"] unjail: ["discharge"] homlevel: ["hlvl", "hlevel", "homlvl", "homlvup"] homevolution: ["homevolve"] mutearea: ["stfu"] monsterignore: ["battleignore"] raise: ["revive"] kill: ["die"] guildstorage: ["gstorage"] accinfo: ["accountinfo"] itemreset: ["clearinventory"] channel: ["main"] autoloottype: ["aloottype"] } /* Commands help file */ help: { @include "conf/help.txt" }
  2. This is a free login background for your server ! size : 1024 x 768 file : psd with preview it is easy to edit !
  3. bat ganun kapag maglalagay ng marami di na gumagana ung client.
  4. Thank you !! more birthday's to come to me xD
  5. i will make your request by friday . couz.. i'll be busy tomorrow because of my birthday so please be patient thx O.O
  6. Rate 1 - 10 Rate 1 - 10 ( black doesn't suit cannonRO .... so made this instead hope you like it xD )
  7. rate 1 - 10 rate 1 - 10 sorry im not good in animation rate 1 - 10
  8. i will make your sig/banner by wednesday....
  9. Rate 1 - 10 Rate 1 - 10 for the other please wait until tomorrow...
  10. Guys. I Will make your sig by tuesday because im kinda busy right now ... soo please be patient .. Thanks ~
  11. Rate 1 - 10 http://www.mediafire...5d3v00hogdcgjwl ( i can't upload it i dont know why... ) WILL SURANOL. not Will Suranoi. sorry i re-edit it Rate 1 - 10 rate 1 - 10
  12. Rate 1 - 10 http://www.mediafire.com/?5d3v00hogdcgjwl ( i can't upload it i dont know why... )
  13. when i added the custom in my sprite / texture folder on my data when i open the client it doesn't open anymore... but when i didn't put the custom it still works....
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