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  1. You didn't seem convinced as of what you wanted... Therefore, I took the liberty to choose one for you
  2. Nah, Therefore I didn't make a guide on rAthena on how to make Awesome emulator server To avoid any further misunderstanding I will devide my answer in 3 points So that, everyone could understand : 1 - This is not a guide (A guide actually explains on HOW to do Stuff. Here, I tell WHAT I did) (I did an effort to make things very visible, very obvious. as it appears for some, they aren't...) 2 - I do have guides in my Signature (My signature = My space . I'm not forbidden to put there links to Hercules guides, I hope?) 3 - To make you comfortable about it, I removed word Awesome emulator from my messages and replaced it with "Awesome emulator" ps: Thanks for keeping the topic up, I appreciate it ! More people will see what I do = more free advertisement for my webresource. Thanks again! If you have any more questions, ask. Will be more than happy to answer them
  3. It is not a guide... It's an Acid trip.... And Yes, knowledge of Koding is always welcome!
  4. Part 3 Web So Habilis was busy working on the website. Doing it with bootstrap is harsh Bootstrap is not well suited for gaming web resources with massive graphical content, it is more suited for minimalist Hipster webapps or such. So, those who do gaming websites with bootstrap, Habilis shake your hands you friggin awedome guys & gals! Alrighty, enough with the chatter, So, here is what Habilis managed so far.. I'm not a designer or frontend, like AT ALL... To do that Last section with Registration and Password reset, I used a publically awailable HTML register page here in Downloads section Just that page is not BootStrap ... Habilis had to make it BootStrap. And ad his ROCaptcha to it... Now Habilis have to write PHP scripts or make it work with Laravel framework (Habilis still considering pluses and minuses of both options)
  5. Part 2 Boring part There will be not as many screenshots just Blablabla... Made a separate user to Ragnarok databasehaving access to stored procedures (to create new accounts, reset passwords) SQL views to select only safe information That is to minimize the risk is website is comprimised (Hacked) using this Database user it is possible to register new accounts and extract data already present in the tops (No extracting Logins, Passwords) How registration and validation of new account email happens To make latest Awesome emulator go episode 11 Habilis had to do a lot of Beyond Compare sessions to compare multiople files of latest Awesome emulator with eAthena of 2007 (Episode 11.1) Unfortunately, since no one wanted to provide a bundle (all in one (sprite, item, collection, lub, item_db.conf)) to Habilis Habilis had to reverse engineer stuff.... This means alot of NotePad++ regular expression search and replace And a lot of Excel formulas to generate Item_db2.conf And as a result .... 500 custom headgears. Also this is a ppreview how I want to prevent creation of 500 characters and farm of daily rewards event versions of items will be given...(they have same properties and a list of limitations) What I wanted to do Is create an AutomaticEventController A controller that would automatically and randomly start and end events over a day. and to have the starting time randomly picked within 30 minutes from planned time (I wanted this to frustrate my players even more! *trollface*) - Goblin Invasion (need to defeat X number invaders and then invader Leader spawns) - Poring Count event (just count porings in the fence) - Slot Machine (With free spins.. - Vampire bal (From downloadfs section) event to My AutoEvent Controller - added Poring Catcher event from the Downloads section How it works: - AutomaticEventsController at specified time runs a version of code given to me by @Z3R0 and @Dastgir to determine a real random time of event, It checks for WOE, no auto events on WOE... - AutomaticEventsController Picks randomly an event script name from Array of string and calls OnEventStart on that script - Every Automatic event script "Implements" an Imaginary Interface AutomaticEvent with 2 methods OnEventStart OnEventTimeOut (OOP stuff.....) (basically every Automatic event MUST have those 2 methods Because Controller calls on them) The rest of implementation is up to the event class script... Finally I sorted out the old maps and cached them properly List of maps like before : Prontera, Izlude, Morocc, Alberta On morroc I've also removed all NPCs related to satan in morroc in one way or another and restored all warps and monsters on the Morocc fields (right of the morroc) Also, returned Ant-hell entrance to the old place (Both of them) I also integrated all of the Dastgir's plugins, Thank you very much!! @aura is awesome! I disabled aura at max levels... Also Installed my favorite chatime plugin from dastgir GitHub also took guild emblem pack (will provide it as separate download on the downloads page) If Guild masters don't have time or don't know how to make a guild emblem, they can take one of 2k+ provided. There is a huge skinpack of 72 skins publically available to download This is a nice addition to the server's client for the players wanting to showoff or to add a touch of personality to their game client The problem is, there are few having Glyphs in client buttons and options window Habilis Easily overcame those by using his highly sharpened (lately) search and replace skills.... It weights around 170mb uncompressed and 60mb compressed. So, it will be an optional download. Here are some examples: So that Makes 2 extra packages to add to my client downloads page. 1 - Set of 2k+ guild emblems (for those who don't have the time or skill to make one ) 2 - Set of 72+ skins for those who wnt to add a touch of personality... There is always something to do with public materials like: - Fixing Glyphs in skins - Removing Evasticas and Waffen SS emblems from guild emblems pack (Raccial hate will be forbidden on that server) But they are pretty usable! To be continued....
  6. Wait for release and buy from him http://herc.ws/board/topic/15158-wip-ro-hooks-a-nice-set-of-modifications-for-your-client/#comment-84488 The only one I know who is selling this. BTW, Colored nicknames is a paid modification.
  7. They all have the same name because (For the third time, I say this) You can`t easily have 160 auras ... These 3 files should go to your GRF data/effect or something. I`m at school now I don`t have access to my client tools.
  8. Well, this bit got me confused... So, I answered saying you can`t easily add all 160 auras. To use custom auras 1. you need to diff your client with patch (Enable custom auras) 2. you can put files from your 160 aura pack to your GRF (the names should be ok)
  9. Hello Boys and Gals I decided to do a experiment project, on with how minimal $ input, I could make a decent (by decent, I mean, players wouldn't want to delete the game client after 15 minutes playing) Ragnarok Online server and Comunity I will write it all in the Dev's Diary Format (Every entyr will follow standart : Day X : doing stuff [What I've done]) So far what I have - .com domain name I bought for 0.99 $ - Awesome emulator running on my Raspberry Pi - I'm using graphical content from downloads section to make loading screens and login screens, watermark etc. - I'm using graphical content kindly provided by Daifuku, in the downloads section to create banners and web content - I adjusted few plugins and scripts (Publicly available here on the forum) to work with my server - I will apply Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate so that my ro site would use https:// DISCLAIMER : NOT AN ADVERTISMENT Server name HabilisRO is fictional, made up for the purpose of this Dev's Diary. All matches with the existing servers are a coincidence. Using Free graphical content provided by Daifuku I made a logo: Made a login screen (Made a screenshot watermark) Made 12 loading screens with everything available at Downloads sectioon Done some Banner Work: Fixed the screenshot watermark (edges) Took a free character selection screen from Downloads section and made one to fit my needs Fixed this tab in quest window Took free Daily Rewards from Downloads section and made some daily rewards... Made myself Asura Strike Sprite, Just like back in the 2007 (Every private server had a custom Asura Strike sprite) before: After: Before: After: Before integrating custom items I wanted to change costume layout Also changed some buttons in my 2013 client to be like sortof newer clients New buttons Implemented free Vending zone map by Orlox (if i'm not mistaken) available at Downloads section Had to make a cutin for this npc (The official cutin assassin girl wearing a skirt???? Censored ?? ) Resume of about 2 months of work on graphics, more updates to follow.
  10. Auras are effects. Effects are hardcoded into client's .EXE To add / change effects you need to reverse engineer your .exe There is no direct way to implement 160 auras. You can try to replace unused effects with those auras...
  11. Hello I'm looking for the old winter texture pack for prontera It was available on eAthena before Looking similar to this screen White floor, white rooftops, I found the x-mas map pack but the textures are pretty much standard there. There are, also textures from pretty light, but it isn't what I want...
  12. No, it's not logical... The correct answer is : It didn't work because your Modem doesn't have NAT loopback configured or doesn't offer this capability. source : https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/On-premises/On-premises_knowledge_base/Cannot_access_external_IP_address_from_LAN Having 2 different client versions (one for local use one for other players) is rather confusing... but well, you are not a professional, since you play and host on the same machine. But for the sake of other people having the same issue and doing it somewhat more professionally. There are 2 solutions: 1. Configure NAT loopback on your local network modem 2. Habilis way (My ISPs modem is the stupidest modem ever, not allowing configure NAT....) So, I do it this way, I have a domain name like MyMegaProfessionalRagnarokServer.com (It resolves to my External IP) That all my classmates from my school use to connect to my server and play after school. So, on the machine in my local network, I edit hosts file: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts And I add this entry MyMegaProfessionalRagnarokServer.com where is the ip on local network of the machine server is hosted on. This way I have only 1 client.
  13. It might be that you don't have NAT configured, therefore, you can't reach your external ip from the internal network... If you run a website or CP on the same server can you reach it in the browser with your external ip?
  14. ls -la /var/www/html/cp/FluxCP/data/tmp ....
  15. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=php+register+form ...
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