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  1. Hello rAthena Community, I just want to ask if sakexe clients works in rAthena? and does anyone here used sakexe in rAthena? did it works? because mine it doesn't work even my configuration is correct still I cant use sakexe clients. Thank you in advance.
  2. Vuluts

    FluxCP Database

    Yup, I just want to clarify if my sql files are in correct database, is it ok if I mixed it in main.sql with item_db.sql, mob_db.sql and mob_skill.sql
  3. Vuluts

    FluxCP Database

    Hello rAthena Community, I'm working with my fluxcp and I just want to confirm if the following sql files are in the correct database. main database: - item_db.sql - main.sql - mob_db.sql - mob_skill_db.sql log database: - logs.sql followup question hmmm should I also need to import this following sql files in my main database? - item_db2.sql - mob_db2.sql - mob_skill_db2.sql Thank you in advance.
  4. Sorry, I thought you've tried it here at rAthena. Sure thank's for the info.
  5. Vuluts

    old updates

    Here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/3896e1959b94733fb1d22044e024d686e69df074
  6. Sir zack as you said in your first post that you've test it using old client 2005_04_11aSakexe but when I try to use this old client it give's me error.
  7. I know but is there any way to diff old clients?
  8. Greetings rAthena Community, I got a sakexe 2004, and I can't find any diff file for this client year. Does anyone still got a old diff file for 2004 sakexe? would you mind to share it with me. or maybe a tutorial on how to make own diff file to use for shin patcher or k3dt patcher. I already tried nemo patcher but others option has showing error. Hoping that someone still got a diff file. Thank you!
  9. I already solve it, I think the problem is with my data.ini and a file that contains another data.ini and probably they are overlap with each other.
  10. Greetings rAthena Community, I just want to ask how to disable or remove the taekwon tankings when you type /taekwon also how to remove the /taekwon in command list alt + y window under exe tab Hoping that someone could help me regards my concern. Thank you in advance. Edit: I already manage to remove the /taekwon text in the alt + y window but whenever I hover my mouse to its location and click the taekwon rankings still showing.
  11. 1. Game Guard, since official server can easily bypass their game guard, that's why lots bots roaming in-game. 2. Overpowered Items, removing OP items will make it balance. 3. Renewal, for me I still love classic just like the old times.
  12. Thanks for the reply @Keysito and @Helly, but what I really want to do is locating those texture inside my "sakexe.exe" client, maybe by doing that I can found a fix regarding with this issue ~
  13. Hmm may I know what grf data folder files your using? You can trying renaming your .bmp files inside your grf data folder, check it first what .bmp files your client are using like for example in texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/basic_interface folder your client use the equipwin_bg1.bmp. Then you want to change it to equipwin_bg2.bmp, you can try deleting or renaming equipwin_bg1.bmp first into something like for example equipwin_bg55.bmp. Then rename the .bmp you want to use equipwin_bg2.bmp into equipwin_bg1.bmp so it will the one that will use your client.
  14. Greetings rAthena Community, Does the images / bmp files in our data.grf are called in server side? or client side called it? If it's in server sides? can you please tell where it's located? and if it's in the client side may I ask what tool / program can I use to look for it. Because maybe I can find the solution there about my skill tree window size issue ~ https://rathena.org/board/topic/106385-skill-tree-window-size/?p=304296 Please move my topic if I posted in wrong section. Hoping that someone could help me regards my concern. Thank you in advance.
  15. Just a friendly reminder, never give your username and password to someone else. You can be help thru team viewer.
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