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  1. - script debuffs -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if (getmapflag(strcharinfo(3),mf_gvg)) sc_end SC_ASSUMPTIO; sc_end SC_KAIZEL; sc_end SC_KAAHI; sc_end SC_KAUPE; sc_end SC_KAITE; end; } aldeg_cas01 mapflag loadevent aldeg_cas02 mapflag loadevent aldeg_cas03 mapflag loadevent aldeg_cas04 mapflag loadevent aldeg_cas05 mapflag loadevent gefg_cas01 mapflag loadevent gefg_cas02 mapflag loadevent gefg_cas03 mapflag loadevent gefg_cas04 mapflag loadevent gefg_cas05 mapflag loadevent payg_cas01 mapflag loadevent payg_cas02 mapflag loadevent payg_cas03 mapflag loadevent payg_cas04 mapflag loadevent payg_cas05 mapflag loadevent prtg_cas01 mapflag loadevent prtg_cas02 mapflag loadevent prtg_cas03 mapflag loadevent prtg_cas04 mapflag loadevent prtg_cas05 mapflag loadevent nguild_alde mapflag loadevent nguild_gef mapflag loadevent nguild_pay mapflag loadevent nguild_prt mapflag loadevent schg_cas01 mapflag loadevent schg_cas02 mapflag loadevent schg_cas03 mapflag loadevent schg_cas04 mapflag loadevent schg_cas05 mapflag loadevent arug_cas01 mapflag loadevent arug_cas02 mapflag loadevent arug_cas03 mapflag loadevent arug_cas04 mapflag loadevent arug_cas05 mapflag loadevent Hi guys, Can someone help me with this? trying to disable the following skill effects on woe maps. Thanks!
  2. no worries. Thanks for your reply. I made another skill just for a 1 hand quicken, same as the 1 hand spear quicken, needs to have a soul link. thanks again.
  3. Hmm, so you mean the only way is to create a new skill for 1 hand spear quicken instead of changing the value for spear quicken itself (for 2 handed).
  4. Hi, if I'm correct, 200 means 20% and 10*Val1 means the skill level? And, #ifndef RENEWAL_ASPD, does it only indicate for renewal system or does it include pre renewal? Thanks for your reply.
  5. I'm sorry sir. What I'm trying to do is mentioned above. I know that the renewal system has it. as I have mentioned, I'm using pre-renewal and I'm trying to edit it on my pre-renewal SRC. Can you guide me where to find it and where to edit it. I can't figure out where to edit the ASPD of the spear quicken in pre-renewal. and if possible, I want to create a spear quicken code for 1-handed spear which is only 15% ASPD... or less
  6. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Can you send me a script like this? I just want to remove the #storage from players. It seems that some of them are using this to stall other players during pvp and woe.
  7. Hi guys! Can you help me editing the ASPD for 1 handed spear when using Spear Quicken? Please guide me where can I edit it and what should I be putting on it. Thanks! Btw, I'm using pre renewal but activated spear quicken for 1 handed spear. I just want to reduce ASPD for 1 handed spears not 2 handed. Thanks again!
  8. where can I find this? *bindatcmd "<command>","<NPC object name>::<event label>"{,<atcommand level>,<charcommand level>}; im using Rathena...
  9. I got a question sir. How do you import the sql file? I got the same problem...
  10. btw, I tried using [ true,false ] and it does not work before...
  11. I see. How can I remove "storage" on @charcommands? it seems like it is a script bound command.
  12. Hi guys, I'm not sure if im on the right page. If not, kindly move this post to the right one. Here's my question: My players can use # commands. such as #storage #go. I want to remove this and only enable it on my GM's. Here's my player's group.conf { id: 0 /* group 0 is the default group for every new account */ name: "Player" level: 0 inherit: ( /*empty list*/ ) commands: { commands: true charcommands: true help: true rates: true uptime: true showdelay: true exp: true mobinfo: true iteminfo: true whodrops: true time: true whereis: true request: true hominfo: true go: true breakguild: true autoloot: true alootid: true autoloottype: true duel: true accept: true reject: true storage: true gstorage: true changegm: true guildstorage: true leave: true autotrade: true feelreset: true load: true guild: true noks: true } permissions: { /* without this basic permissions regular players could not trade or party */ can_trade: true can_party: true command_enable: true } },