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  1. ok so.. hi guys! im having this issue about extended vending error when you like click on the title bar force close my client but does not show any errors.. any idea where i went wrong.
  2. FIXED.. src/char/char_clif.c was the problem thank you for this guide https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/e3c274ac5e9f0a7d3e2229931db07d4ab04e3b07 and thank you everyone for the help CLOSED..
  3. i updated my packets.h but same problem shows up.. and yes recompiled
  4. Fixed it.. Fix: you need an updated DATA.GRF or KRO lol ========================================================== my problem now is that when i try to make a new char it disconnects me and gives this error ive tried every possible way to fix it but i cant :/ any suggestion on where went wrong? tried all that i can find in the search button + google.. didnt find any possible fix :/
  5. hi! good day guys.. would like to ask about the problem im having with my client update i had no errors and files are working great on my end and its working for me... but i ask someone to update via thor patcher.. everything seems fine but when he tried to open the game and going to char selections.. the game gives out error of force close.. client version - 20151029 os - windows 7(mine) but on windows 10 its errors out on char selection(stopped working)..
  6. hi! good day.. hope this topic is still up.. sorry to bump this one but i would like to ask about the script for it.. been looking for it for a long time cant find it anywhere.. thanks.. Reason: i wanted to tweak or make my own based on the original script or add some animation and perhaps a custom roulette style..
  7. omg thank you.. didnt notice that i can rescript it.. now i can edit the files to a much better reward system that ive been doing.. thank you so much
  8. Hi! good day.. guys.. would like to ask about this one since im trying to revive and edit this script.. with me scripting noobness i cant figure out.. whats wrong.. so here i am Original Script: https://pastebin.com/raw/6xk49UED NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY SCRIPT AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT MAKER.. i simply want to fix this and edit this for a better script event..
  9. i removed the check weight since max stack on my server is 30k.. going over 30k will not show the input popout..
  10. working.. thank you NOTE: remove if (checkweight(969,gold) == 0) goto L_OverWeight; or you will not get the gold with 30k++ pcs..
  11. will try it out.. i get confused on the codes lol..
  12. i just wanted to get the gold using the input command on the amount you have..
  13. that's the script.. i wanted to have like a input command for how many gold you want to get out.. since the max number of gold on my server can only stack 30k pcs.. for example i have 30k gold and i want to get like only 20k then i will have a left over gold of 10k..
  14. would like to ask about this one since im getting confused on how to make this work.. hope someone can enlighten me.. my problem is.. i dont know what to put on the code to give out the gold and minus that gold to the total gold you have.. hope someone can help me out.. thank you..
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