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  1. Mind if I ask for the PSD file for the 2nd patcher? I'd like to optimize the design a little bit.
  2. Can this be done depending on a map? For example, I'd like to use guild_vs1 as a pvp map but lower the damage calculations by -40% but on the normal pvp maps like pvp_y_1-2 and so on still have normal damage calculations? Thanks.
  3. If both players (or all party members are within 1 map) then you get experience. No need to change anything.
  4. Alright. Though I find the dictionary explanation offensive, I don't mind. You're just trying to help. Thanks
  5. Yeah me too, any idea what happened on the file system of rAthena? No explanation was given, just says there is a maintenance.
  6. I meant files that are stored on the forums. Like web releases and whatnot.
  7. I can see that there is a maintenance on going the download pages for rAthena. Anybody know if there's any other links for the files? Or when it'll be fixed? Thanks a lot.
  8. KeyWorld's design is awesome
  9. I give it 2-10. The detailing is bad. Color is a bit plain. The logo is uh, horrible :|
  10. Use thor patcher of Jikari's Patcher. They're one of the easiest to configure. NOTE: Just put them in a data folder and then make it it a patch file using a patcher. Should work.
  11. How do I actually find the strings? Can somebody give a detailed solution to this? Thanks.
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