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  1. Driw

    Lua Files

    Hey guys. Someone have a tool to decompile lua bifles? At the moment I have used GRF Editor to decompile and save lua files, but I just can do this one by one (file). So, I want something to decompile lub files recursively in a directory or at least a list of files. A long time ago, I have used a .bat file with luac, something like that, but this not working more, probaly because version of luac is not the same (lub files).
  2. User data of Translation Project on Github I was with that problem and here works, try! Follow Github link project: https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation
  3. Driw

    Visual Studio 2015

    Yes, 2013 works, but I need install again HASUHSAUSAHUSHA (formatted).
  4. Hey guys, I have a problem here. I installed Visual Studio 2015 RC, and found a error. Severity Code Description Project File Line Error C1189 #error: Macro definition of snprintf conflicts with Standard Library function declaration (compiling source file ..\src\common\core.c) char-server C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.10056.0\ucrt\stdio.h 1927 This happens just because de snprintf in stdio.h. I search in google by solutions but not successful. Someone can help-me?
  5. In pc.c you will change pc_checkbaselevelup funcion (6.149 line +-) After unsigned int next = pc_nextbaseexp(sd); Add this sd->status.base_level: character level pc_maxbaselv(sd): max level to class of character Now, to up the max level just if by atcommand baselvl (i don't test to up with getexp script command), because i think the pc_nextbaseexp is used by getexp, so this will be need more time and its complicate for me. If you want this jut to level 349 to 350 so used: Have "a bug", where the exp is gainned to 108% 500% 1000% but you not gain a level xD I make a basic modification, need more specify, but i think this what you need for now.
  6. In source code (map/pc.c) look for multi_level_up Change To Try this, the sytem will be check if multi_level_up is active and have exp to more one level or if your level equals or more 300, can't gain most of one level.
  7. VIP Item Rate is based in the item rate changed, not the real rate. VIP Rate: 0.5% Real Rate: 0.1% To work will be need 5x in the drop, 4x not work (0.4%). This is all rules, because when you change drop rates, the system load with 'real rate * config rate', not real rate and calculate the config rate whe needed. Is make that to reduces de process of multiply always.
  8. First modify pc_checkbaselevelup in pc.c Probably you will need create a new command. This will depend of your ideia, one time for up to 350 or gain exp to up 350. If you want up to 350 just on time by command, I think is something like this Check the db\statpoints.txt to accept points to 350 and set max level to 349. Try make that alone, if you can't tell me and maybe I make the source code, but you will be copy and past correctly if I make this.
  9. Your table don't have a column unique_id, you can make this manual or just update your rathena revision and use the SQL files updated. Last updated SQL files.. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master/sql-files
  10. Driw

    Name of Jobs

    Where I can change display name of jobs in game? I try edit lua files in admin and datainfo but no work. The name of jobs continue equals.
  11. Hey guys, I have a problem: I try add quests in questid2display,but for some rason its strange. If i add some quest, the client not open, I try copy another and just change id and not work. If I add some quest the client not open, I try also let # in start and end line, but nothing. Client: Ragexe 2013-08-07 @edit I resolved. The questid2display that I have, had a problem in the middle file.
  12. Hey guys, I have here Poring Race and this script use attachrid when someone make your bet. I want make a option that list of char name, have some script command make this possible? I'm thinking in use SQL Query or a array save the char name when make a bet.
  13. Driw

    Compile in Linux

    Thanks for help, I serch this in google but I dont found where put -std=c99 >.< I will test
  14. ,-, LOL I don't belive this work e.e I don't remember that lua files start with notrade -.-' Thanks #MasterFail HUSAHSAUH
  15. Client: Ragexe 2013-08-07 Revision: 12296 Always I try trade with another char, he reject automatically.. wound not show "accept or reject". I test with player~player and player-admin (acc lvl 99). This is a bug of rathena, the client... Configuration??? Someone know?
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