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  1. You throw the problem right on it. I'm realy limited in my budget xD
  2. Thanks for your answer, I wasn't sure about it, because I readed on the wiki that a 1,5GHz was good. that's why I asked ^^'
  3. I'm about to select a server to host my private server. And I was wandering if the Intel Atom N2800 was a good enough CPU to host it... This CPU have a Freq. of 1.86GHz and 2 core. I would like to confirm that's enough. Thanks for your future answers!
  4. Hi guys ! I would be greatfull if someone can tell me how to make a NPC wich is able to alter a custom SQL Table. I want to create a system that can randomly create a quest (or at least select one in a SQL table) but I have no idea how to do that and if it's possible Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi guys! I have some questions about the New Jobs Palettes. I have the sprites form the Third Job Costumes + New Classes by Haziel and first of after I put it in my client, I don't get why the Star Emperor and Soul reaper sprite don't show off... If someone have the answer I would be greatfull! For the second case, I've downloaded Dress changer by Secrets and I would like to know if there is any way to have a permanant job costume change (mean that It'll not be lost when you log out). And last question about Dress changer, is there any way to enable the classes to upgrade there skills when they have the sprite from a previous job? (Be abole to up your Warlock skills when you have HW sprite for exemple) Thanks !
  6. Hello Guys, I would like to have updated lua Files but I'm dumb and don't find it. Someone can be kind and send it to me? Thanks!
  7. Well, for the port we "find" the problem but can't resolve it. Don't know why on the main machine when we oppen the ports, they are instant closed. And for your "PS" I don't wanna speak "bad", english isn't my main language then I use the word I know to speak ^^'
  8. All Check same problem :/ What do you mean by that. because didn't explain anithing. You just say "I do wich" but don't give me any clue of what you're speaking about
  9. The Firewall is all Openned. I think the problem come frop the Server, not from the VM tha I use. Then I should wait the administrator :/
  10. Well, I've tried to "reboot" my section of the server but doesn't seem to work... Same problem. (We have a server with 4 sections on it, but i'm the only one suposed to use this ports)
  11. Thank for your answers could you tell me how you can tell that? ^^ I'm a little bit curious. Since I'm not the owner of the server I will have to wait him for that. If anyone have another Idea, just tell me and I'll try that ^^
  12. Well before begning to make my report, just know RED = My Server WAN IP , GEEN = My server Log (like s1 p1 but whith modifications) and Black is My SQL user with GRANT Access on the "ragnarok" db. There are my errors: and there are my files at this moment: I've tried many things and the only thing I "succeed" was when the server has all the WAN IPs commented. At this moment the server allow me to Log in with my user and password, but kick me out instant withe message: "Closed connection drom (IP)" My core.h have this: //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION And my mmo.h: #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20151104 //#define PACKETVER 20120410 #endif I'm on it this 8:00 AM then I come here again to have some help! Thanks! PS: My login, map and Char server don't make more errors than this. I don't think that is a client side problem because we are making a data tranfer from a server to another, and we were able to connect the first server with the new client (and then we remplaced the server IP for the new one in the clientinfo)
  13. Hi guys, it's me! (again! xD) I get another probleme with my patcher, I don't know why the patcher can find the plist.txt, but don't wanna download my patch. There is my main.ini, my patcher config, and my files locations: main.ini config.ini: and my path: PS: I've already trry to add the 8080 port after my IP in main.ini, even tried to make patchs through FTP. If you don't mind to help me