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  1. Thanks Guys? How are you I'm in doubt on how to select the pet_id value from the pet table in the mysql database using a unique_id value in (uint32) that I insert into the table. my function: int pet_evo_start(uint32 unique_id) { char* sql_data; int pet_id; if (SQL_ERROR == SQL_Query(map_mysql_handle, "SELECT `pet_id` FROM `pet` WHERE `unique_id` = '%u'", unique_id)) { Sql_ShowDebug(map_mysql_handle); } SQL_GetData(map_mysql_handle, 0, &sql_data, NULL); pet_id = strtoul(sql_data, NULL, 10); SQL_FreeResult(map_mysql_handle); return pet_id; } i'm obtain crash on map_server with the following question
  2. how to get you discord rich presence?

  3. plz 20151104 i need you service to happy me
  4. Hi functor, could you please Send me information about your Gepard System Service? Thanks !! And Values of Addon Block Macro.


    My Skipe: [email protected]

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