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  1. hi frind rathina you have a skill problem Bug Skill Acid Demonstration miss how to fix this frind can you help me
  2. Is it possible for someone to work script Summon monsters Mvp can you help me plaze
  3. hi frind can you send this script kill 10 poring prize 10 coin
  4. hi rathina can you make This script Fenugreek announcer can you send this script
  5. Thank you, the problem has been solved
  6. Finger Offensive: only one sphere used i need to have Finger Offensive 5 how to fix this plaze help Video_2021-05-01_181228.wmv
  7. How do I change that I made a new form of navigation, how do I change it
  8. This is the file ....db/import/job_exp I want to know the reason for the error job_exp.txt
  9. How do I solve this problem .............The problem talked about the last profession when I convert
  10. yes 2015 client Is there a solution to such a problem
  11. Hello all I have a problem with a dealer's cart I am transferring the tools to the merchant cart correctly Then you put the tool, then I write the price and then type the name of the store But a problem does happen And it gives me this message ----item Banshee Master kiss has not yet saved to your cart please re-log in order to correctly save your vending information----- Please Help
  12. I want to know what are the steps for adding a fake player. Who knows, I want to tell me what paths I take to add this character, please I want to know where to place the path for this file fp.txt
  13. Can anybody help me with that please What are the steps for a fake Player to prontera?
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