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  1. I don't see the problem though. Since the current revisions are only for development and not for server usage you should have enough time to switch. People who are running a server shouldn't rely on the current revision anyways and if they are really eager to be up-to-date and still keep their on code base, the switch to git should benefit them greatly. In case of a single repo with a single branch the switch from SVN to Git shouldn't be hard either. Learning to handle Git is a matter of 1 day.
  2. @Emistry But when you are doing that be careful to put everything in one query. Looping through 4 queries for "n"-times will kill your server pretty fast when you got a bigger playerbase
  3. The problem there lies that without further modification skills can't crit. They just have their normal damage display. I worked around that by displaying the skill as a normal attack, thus the normal skill properties not working as expected. My solution was just quick and dirty. I would love to see another solution, maybe a bit less buggy
  4. Yes, it's that switch statement. (Sorry for spamming that much, I should've posted that from the start)
  5. The database user you configured in your mySQL doesn't match with the one you entered at your FluxCP Installation. Double check both username, password and access-rights of the entered data.
  6. Yeah, I just checked and you should search for this: case GS_CHAINACTION: dmg.dmotion = clif_damage(src,bl,tick,dmg.amotion,dmg.dmotion,damage,dmg.div_,dmg.type,dmg.damage2); break; Just paste it right after that
  7. Can you post the code before and after my code in your file? (The other switch cases) That should be the error since there is damage calculation happening at your line. Hence "dmg" is not defined anymore.
  8. Worked fine for me on the current revision. What revision are you using? Any reason you implemented the code on line 3647 instead of line 2533?
  9. You could check like this: case SC_FREEZE: case SC_STONE: sc_def = status->mdef*100; sc_def2 = status->luk*10 + status_get_lv(bl)*10 - status_get_lv(src)*10; if(status_src->luk >= 300) { tick_def2 = INT_MIN; } else { tick_def2 = status_src->luk*-10; } Pretty hacky solution I think. But I'm not too sure if that is the best solution to this...
  10. The formula in the code is fine according to iRO Wiki (even though both variants should take the max SP) case SR_GATEOFHELL: atk = (sstatus->max_hp - status_get_hp(src)); if(sc && sc->data[SC_COMBO] && sc->data[SC_COMBO]->val1 == SR_FALLENEMPIRE) { atk += ( ((int64)sstatus->max_sp * (1 + skill_lv * 2 / 10)) + 40 * status_get_lv(src) ); } else { atk += ( ((int64)sstatus->sp * (1 + skill_lv * 2 / 10)) + 10 * status_get_lv(src) ); } break; It doesn't look like a coding error in damage calculation.
  11. in skill.c case SN_SHARPSHOOTING: if(dmg.type == 0x0a) { dmg.dmotion = clif_damage(src,bl,tick,dmg.amotion,dmg.dmotion,damage,dmg.div_,dmg.type,dmg.damage2); break; }
  12. Try this: pc.c if (sd->sc.count && ( sd->sc.data[SC_BLADESTOP] || sd->sc.data[SC_BLADESTOP_WAIT] || sd->sc.data[SC_BERSERK] || sd->sc.data[SC_SATURDAYNIGHTFEVER] || (sd->sc.data[SC_GRAVITATION] && sd->sc.data[SC_GRAVITATION]->val3 == BCT_SELF) || sd->sc.data[SC_TRICKDEAD] || sd->sc.data[SC_HIDING] || sd->sc.data[SC__SHADOWFORM] || sd->sc.data[SC__MANHOLE] || sd->sc.data[SC_KAGEHUMI] || (sd->sc.data[SC_NOCHAT] && sd->sc.data[SC_NOCHAT]->val1&MANNER_NOITEM) )) return 0;
  13. Thank god the switch is finally happening. Was wondering how long the project will be stuck on SVN.
  14. Try this on line 7404 in your status.c if(val1 === 0) { val3 = 60*(val1+1); //Damage increase (+50 +50*lv%) } else { val3 = 50*(val1+1); //Damage increase (+50 +50*lv%) }
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