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  1. Does anyone know if it is compatible with Gepard?
  2. No, not for now (read first post).
  3. Would be great if it could be made for 2015-11-02
  4. Hello, i am trying to edite some sprites, i replace .bmp with Act Editor, save it, but when i try to open, it shows this error: Full exception:
  5. Oh, thnx, i will search for it.
  6. I know where the sprite is located ,thnx As far as i know, sprite's act file controls how sprite is animated, i want to know how to control falcon's behavior, like fly in a circle or fly to a specific location.
  7. How to reprogram hunter's falcon? Being more specific, where it is controlled? In source ou client? I mean, to make him fly above hunter's head in other ways than default one.
  8. You need to test without anyone on prontera map. Or you can just try this out: - script kill_mvps_on_restart -1,{ OnInit: sleep 500; // Slow down script execution slightly. killmonsterall "abbey02"; // Fallen Bishop Hibram killmonsterall "abbey03"; // Beelzebub killmonsterall "abyss_03"; // Detale killmonsterall "ama_dun03"; // Samurai Specter killmonsterall "anthell02"; // Maya killmonsterall "ayo_dun02"; // Lady Tanee killmonsterall "beach_dun"; // Tao Gunka killmonsterall "ein_dun02"; // RSX-0806 killmonsterall "gef_dun01"; // Dracula killmonsterall "gef_dun02"; // Doppelganger killmonsterall "gef_fild02"; // Orc Hero killmonsterall "gef_fild10"; // Orc Lord killmonsterall "gef_fild14"; // Orc Hero killmonsterall "gl_chyard"; // Dark Lord killmonsterall "gld_dun01"; // Eddga killmonsterall "gld_dun02"; // Doppelganger killmonsterall "gld_dun03"; // Maya killmonsterall "gld_dun04"; // Dark Lord killmonsterall "gon_dun03"; // Evil Snake Lord // killmonsterall "ice_dun03"; // Ktullanux killmonsterall "in_sphinx5"; // Pharaoh killmonsterall "jupe_core"; // Vesper killmonsterall "kh_dun02"; // Kiel D-01 killmonsterall "lhz_dun02"; // Egnigem Cenia killmonsterall "lhz_dun03"; // Assassin Cross Eremes, High Priest Margaretha, High Wizard Kathryne, Lord Knight Seyren, Sniper Cecil, Whitesmith Howard killmonsterall "lou_dun03"; // White Lady killmonsterall "mjolnir_04"; // Mistress killmonsterall "moc_fild17"; // Phreeoni killmonsterall "moc_pryd04"; // Osiris killmonsterall "moc_pryd06"; // Amon Ra killmonsterall "mosk_dun03"; // Zmey Gorynych killmonsterall "niflheim"; // Lord of Death killmonsterall "odin_tem03"; // Valkyrie Randgris killmonsterall "pay_dun04"; // Moonlight Flower killmonsterall "pay_fild11"; // Eddga killmonsterall "prt_maze03"; // Baphomet killmonsterall "prt_sewb4"; // Golden Thief Bug killmonsterall "ra_fild02"; // Atroce killmonsterall "ra_fild03"; // Atroce killmonsterall "ra_fild04"; // Atroce killmonsterall "ra_san05"; // Gloom Under Night killmonsterall "thor_v03"; // Ifrit killmonsterall "treasure02"; // Drake killmonsterall "tur_dun04"; // Turtle General killmonsterall "ve_fild01"; // Atroce killmonsterall "ve_fild02"; // Atroce killmonsterall "xmas_dun02"; // Stormy Knight killmonsterall "xmas_fild01"; // Garm end; } from After that script those mvps are all still alive...
  9. Anyone know why this command *killmonsterall "<map name>"{,<type>}; This command will kill all monsters on a specified map name, regardless of how they were spawned or what they are. isnt working anymore on latest versions of rAthena? I mean, it is only killing monsters on map if there is any player there. Older versions it did it, also with dynamic monsters active...
  10. Try changing msgstringtable.txt btw, if u say it crash also on other private server client/emulator i realy don't know...
  11. Try this: Drop any item on the floor When it freezes, open phpmyadmin and click on ur database name Check map-server, any error on it?
  12. Did u checked if there is any table crashed on database?
  13. This error occurs with all commands ou just those one? I got a error like that with all @ commands, fixed it changing langtype in client.info...