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  1. I see. I have the jobname.lub and npcidentity.lub files and was wondering for the range of the NPC though cause I can see that it is combined with one file. Any idea? I appreciate your time on this. Ive been searching for 2 hours to no avail XD
  2. @Tokei Will it be possible to save a .spr file with the head reference as well as the other? Like how it can be saved by a gif?
  3. Is there a certain script command that will change the cursor when hovered on an NPC? For Example: I want to use a MOB ID as an NPC and rather than showing the attack cursor, I want the cursor to be a NPC cursor. Thanks for the help!
  4. @ParGFX, that's why I believe you would have to configure it. It is not about the script.
  5. It was a nice event. However how can I set it to do multiple rounds? Of course players can be bored if its just one round Nice release btw. And I think its much better if its automated
  6. I was able to solve it anyways. Thanks for the help. Now I am just looking for other ways not to use hamachi. I don't know how to use no-ip.com cause I have dynamic ip i requested for the static one but their asking me for too much
  7. So I am ready to have my server hosted with VPS and I would just like to ask if someone can refer me to a very good VPS not that expensive but the affordable one. If there are any VPS that can be paid in Peso. I have searched one or two but their customer service is not really responding. I don't want to send money right away to someone that doesn't help me out first I mean like introduce to me their product. Thank you for your help.
  8. I know it should be, but I saw something in eathena about the packet_athena.conf for the allow I did put my IP im just waiting for my friends to try it out. As from what I've said, me and my friends are just going to test the server and do some fixes before we have hit hosted by a VPS.
  9. About the port forward I have been receiving a lot of different information about it that's why my last resort is Hamachi where I don't need to do any port forwarding, if I am right. And I think I am in good terms with the port forwarding as I am not really receiving connection errors with the port. 2nd part: Yes when they login I can see their username and some information in the Log Server but on the Char Server nothing and obviously in the Map Server nothing as well. Thank you for your time.
  10. This did not work for me, I know using my own IPs :x
  11. I have done a lot of things already and I think the easiest way for me to have my friends connect on my server is Hamachi but up until now they still cant connect. I don't know what the problem is but its been days.. We are just going to test out our server before getting a vps or getting a dedicated server. My current ISP plan has a Dynamic IP and atm I cannot forward my ports because they are not letting me so my decision is since we are just going to do it for the sake of testing I did just do the HAMACHI. So problem is all of the settings are correct I presume as I can login using the HAMACHI ip on my clientinfo.xml but my friends can only login at "login" but they cant go pass through character, they can't even goto character select. I have been searching for a guide about setting up HAMACHi but I couldn't find one. If there are others here who were able to connect through hamachi I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
  12. is it because of the ">" before the item ID?
  13. I have this kind of a problem but when before when I just used the default IP which is I can connect somewhat somehow I have a problem with the IPs It doesnt have a problem when I open all the CMD's though I did actually change the ports and when they connect with those ports it says connected. I know that this topic has been long gone but I had the same problem. I will try out the solution for this quote. But I dont even think it will work. x.x
  14. add your sprite for Example: Blood_Helm idnum2itemdisplaynametable idnum2itemresnametable 3rd Step: go to This file is for drop 4th Step: goto This sign is for female account, "¿©" put the file here 5th Step: goto This sign is for male account "³²" put the file here 6th Step: go to data\lua files\datainfo Open accessoryid.lua as Notepad Open accname.lua as notepad And now you are done to client side now go to SVN go to svn/db/item_db2.txt Find this line and the 2nd Quote is the example The last part of script you will see 1001 this is View ID, that you do earlier in accessoryid.lua Hope this will help you, don't forget to hit green button, Have a good day how about the iteminfo ? What do you mean about the iteminfo? The description? o.o
  15. Hi guys! Im having failed to connect issue in my server. For three straight days I have been redoing the process of Sharpienero and I think I am missing out on some things. I did everything that he said and done it correctly all of my CMD is working such as login char and map and I still cannot connect. I have to use the no-ip.com procedure cause I don't have an static ip, my ISP is selling me one and its going to take a lot of time. on my char_athena i followed where to put the lan ip and the wan ip. everything is good with that. but question is, what do i need to put in my clientinfo.xml? my no-ip.com link right? which is bal-ro.no-ip.biz but still I cannot connect, I hope someone can atleast enlighten me with this because I am getting frustrated already. I would really appreciate your help this is only the connection side and everything else I know the run arounds of it. And please if you're planning on posting "flaming words" don't bother. Thank you for those who can help me out. There aren't really any kind of guides in full and I have watched a lot and tried everything but for me I just cant seem to turn it on. Thanks!