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  1. 258 Enable Shortcut All Item 3 Chat Flood Remove Limit 9 Disable 1rag1 type parameters (Recommended) 10 Disable 4 Letter Character Name Limit 11 Disable 4 Letter User Name Limit 268 Restore chat focus 12 Disable 4 Letter Password Limit 13 Disable Ragexe Filename Check (Recommended) 17 Enable Official Custom Fonts 19 Enable Title Bar Menu 20 Extend Chat Box 21 Extend Chat Room Box 22 Extend PM Box 23 Enable /who command (Recommended) 24 Fix Camera Angles (Recommended) 28 Increase Headgear ViewID 286 Hide zero date (1969-01-01) in guild members window 30 Increase Zoom Out 50% 289 Fix Homunculus attack AI 34 Enable /showname (Recommended) 36 Read msgstringtable.txt (Recommended) 40 Restore Login Window (Recommended) 41 Disable Nagle Algorithm (Recommended) 43 Always Use Email for Char Deletion 44 Translate Client (Recommended) 45 Use Custom Aura Sprites 46 Use Normal Guild Brackets (Recommended) 48 Use Plain Text Descriptions (Recommended) 49 Enable Multiple GRFs (Recommended) 51 Always Show License Screen 53 Use Ascii on All LangTypes (Recommended) 61 Disable Packet Encryption 64 @ Bug Fix (Recommended) 65 Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub (Recommended) 69 Extend Npc Dialog Box 71 Ignore Resource Errors 72 Ignore Missing Palette Error 73 Remove Hourly Announce (Recommended) 76 Enforce Official Login Background 84 Remove Serial Display (Recommended) 85 Show Cancel To Service Select 88 Allow space in guild name 90 Enable DNS Support (Recommended) 91 Disconnect to Login Window 97 Cancel to Login Window (Recommended) 114 Change Vending Limit [Experimental] 204 Increase Attack Display 205 Enable Monster Tables 208 Restore Cash Shop Icon 213 Disable Help Message on Login (Recommended) 218 Show Exp Numbers 219 Always Show Resurrection Button 222 Show Replay Button 229 Enable Emblem hover for BG 234 Ignore Lua Errors 235 Enable guild while in clan 239 Ignore /account: command line argument 246 Increase hair style limit in game 247 Change new char name field height 250 Allow leader to leave party if no members on map 251 Allow close cutin by pressing esc key
  2. currently there is no attendance check event
  3. i already enabled attendance is on not showing you are not allowed to use the attendance system
  4. how? how about attendance?
  5. how to enable? and attendance
  6. where can i download latest 2018 client or 2019 client compatible latest rathena
  7. how to make server and new client 2018 ragnarok zero and visual studio .. any tutorial pls.
  8. you'll download again by the nemo to enable dual login
  9. re-use the nimo if you want to enable the dual client
  10. when can RO-Client Resources files be restored?