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  1. Come and Join!! Egypt Ragnarok Online.. We have nice ecosystem server, No pay to win, Just Play and You Win.. Server Info: Level 175/60 Max ASPD 193 MvP Card 0.1% Normal Card 10% Alot of item for new player, get it free. King of PvP ( reset monthly ) King of MvP ( reset monthly ) Farming Zone ( Mine Gold Coin ) Cash Point Mining Zone ( Free Cash Point ) Ore Mining Zone ( Mine Blessed Ore ) Coin Mining Zone ( Roulette Coin , Poring Coin ) Fishing Zone ( Alot of good stuff ) Alot of Instances Alot of Events Useful commands like @settings @town etc... Server Website: http://www.egypt-ragnarok.net/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/egypt.ragnarok/ Languages Supported : Indonesia, English Discord : https://discord.gg/mTcPhVj
  2. use the HShield.rar i've use your HShield.rar, but i still get this error message
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