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I want to control my developing process.



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I am using rathena SVN with TurtoiseSVN.

I always try to make emulator it up to date.

I start my server developing, and i want to control each changes on my server.

Something like rathena SVN (where i can check changes, logs and etc stuff between revisions);


How can i make the same on my localhost PC (windows 7), can anybody share how they control their server developing process.



Why i need that?

- My brain memory is not good, i cannot remember all changes what happened on emulator by me. I need to control each changes on the server bymyself, build full logs, and follow my workplan (technical plan);


I am not developer, and was never have any experience with that.

I start this thread, because after 100+ changes on my emulaor for my server, i cannot remember all of them, what i was to change, and why i do that, because i have pre-maded list of "TODO to SERVER", and i trying to follow it, but with no control of my emulator, i cannot do my server step by step.


So, anybody, help me please.

I was read about git/subversion/CVS etc, but i cannot understand them.

All what i need - something like my own SVN on my own PC, where i can have my own revision (based on Rathena!!!) without loosing official SVN address of rathena, special for control each changes, and write logs of my changes to my changelog.


Public googlecode/git not good for me - because my server is private, and i wont to share my work to anybody. (i saw at googlecode many different RO servers files, and different npc, etc);



Thank you!


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Hi Pixar,


I would recommend that you just starting using DIFF patches instead. Generate your own patches, grab a fresh updated SVN (during your update process) and then apply the DIFF patch onto your fresh SVN files. Some errors will pop up, so you should just manually correct it where ever it is necessary.



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