Xynvaroth's Scripts

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Xynvaroth's Scripts

This script package contains functions which can be used to define a Xynvaroth_Array which allows you to also create character and account variables and it will significantly increase the index limit (which currently is 128). Increasing the index limit is very useful if you would like to store much data using server variables instead of MySQL for performance reasons.
Besides, you can also create associative arrays (arrays with string indices) using Xynvaroth_Array. However, you will have to care about how to delete them yourself, because Xynvaroth_Array_Delete( ) can not be used to delete an associative Xynvaroth_Array.
Important: Xynvaroth_Array will - due to limitations of the rAthena scripting engine - start with a number one index and not zero.

This function package provides several functions to manage (custom) currencies.
Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Choose( ) lets a player choose currencies and their amounts.
In addition, there are the functions Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_CheckTake( ), Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Take( ), Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_CheckGive( ) and Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Give( ) available.

This function is passed an array and it will then generate a string to be used as a parameter of select or prompt with the possibility of selecting each value of this array.

This function package provides several functions to manage items.
Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Choose( ) lets a player choose items and their amounts. The function is very configurable! From selecting only one item securely to selecting a whole list of items - there are detailed options available to fit any need.
In addition, there are the functions Xynvaroth_ItemManager_CheckTake( ), Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Take( ), Xynvaroth_ItemManager_CheckGive( ) and Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Give( ) available.

TextManager is a script package used to separate texts from scripts with an optional multilangual support.
You will never have to touch a script to change the texts. If you have staff members which should only translate or correct texts, they will only have to receive and change the data area of the Xynvaroth_TextManager. There is no need to spread all your scripts anymore.
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Xynvaroth_TextManager 3.0

- Added a functionality to split the texts over multiple arrays due to the rAthena's scripting engine's array size limit of 127.
- Revised the examples.

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Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager 3.0

- Xynvaroth_CurrencyChooser is now Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager.

- Renamed Xynvaroth_CurrencyChooser( ) to Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Choose( ).

- Renamed Xynvaroth_CurrencyChooser_Check( ) to Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_CheckTake( ).

- Updated Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Take( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_CheckGive( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_CurrencyManager_Give( ).

- Fixed syntax errors in the examples.

- Changed hyperlink now leading to my script collection.

Xynvaroth_ItemManager 4.0

- Xynvaroth_ItemChooser is now Xynvaroth_ItemManager.

- Renamed Xynvaroth_ItemChooser( ) to Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Choose( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_ItemManager_CheckTake( ) (renamed from Xynvaroth_ItemChooser_Check( )).

- Updated Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Take( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_ItemManager_CheckGive( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_ItemManager_Give( ).

- Fixed syntax errors in the examples.

- Changed hyperlink now leading to my script collection.

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Xynvaroth_Array 2.0

- Added Xynvaroth_Array_Search( ).

- Added Xynvaroth_Array_SearchAndDestroy( ).

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