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Bug Reproduce, don't work


Hi guys, i need help with a bug that i find in last rev. SVN 16778 , this Shadow Chaser Skill (Reproduce) didn't work properly, it seems bugged, don't work, don't clone any skills, by the other way, the Rogue skill (Plagiarism) it works fine.

Thanks mates, regards.

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Sorry for double post but... anyone have the same error? i download the last rev. of rAthena and the Shadow Chaser skill Reproduce (When i active it) don't copy any skill or copy one and then i can't delete or replace with another.

Thanks and so sorry one more time.

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I don't need to be more specific, this skill is not working.

When you use the passive skill from Rogue/Stalker Plagiarism you can copy 2nd job or lower skills, when you you Preserve you can "Block" this skill copied and this one does not leave until you die and preserve is gone.

When you use the Shadow Chaser skill Reproduce you don't have any effect, don't copy any skill, by the way, don't work...

This is all you want, i think.

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