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enforced party share exp and items feature?


i know this may require some src modding, but is it possible to make a script use enforced shared exp and items when a party enters a map? by enforced, i mean to make it even bypass the sharing level range.

example, if a party has a player of level 99 and a player of level 150, when they enter the map, the party settings will automatically change to even shared exp and even shared items. partylock will be on so it can't be adjusted on the map until they exit.

i guess what i need is a script command that allows scripts to adjust a party's settings and maybe a mapflag that enables party settings to bypass the sharing level range. or are there other ways to do this? suggestions?

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if (p && p->party.item&2 && (first_charid || !(battle_config.party_share_type&1)))

Change to:

if (p && ((p->party.item&2 && (first_charid || !(battle_config.party_share_type&1))) || map[sd->bl.m].name == "map"))

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wait.. i think this only enables item share right? can we make the exp shared also?

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