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Auction System


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Sample Video: CLICK HERE!


    //0 = Both players and administrators are permitted to auction items.
    //1 = Auctioning items is restricted to administrators only.
    set .@Settings, 1;



*Adding Item in Auction Function:
    *Admins have the exclusive right to add items by default, but this can be adjusted in the settings.
    *one auction item per unique id rule.
    *If you possess two identical items, please store one in your storage to continue.
    *Please note that rental and bound items are not eligible for auction.
    *You must specify a starting bid for your item.
    *Before you submit your auction item, you'll have the chance to review all item details.
*Bidding Function:
    *You need to have the bid fee item in your inventory in order to bid.
    *Before placing a bid, you can preview the details of the current auction item.
    *After reviewing the item, you should bid an amount greater than either the starting bid or the current highest bid.
    *Bidding on your own auction item is prohibited.
    *If you are the highest bidder, you need to wait for other players to place higher bids.
    *If another bidder places a higher bid than yours, the previous amount you bid will be automatically sent to your mailbox.
    *Be aware that if you outbid other participants, there will be an announcement.
*Auction Item List:
    *Providing a list of auctioned items and their specific details.
*Auction Start:
    *Once the auction starts, there will be a 5-minute preparation time.
    *During this preparation period, you can view the first auction item available for bidding.
    *After the 5-minute preparation time expires, bidding for the item begins.
    *Each auction has a 10-minute time limit.
    *Once the 10-minute limit is reached, the winner will be announced.
    *After announcing the winner, we will proceed to the next auction item.
    *If there are no auction items left, the auction will automatically end.
*Auction End:
    *All the winning bidders will automatically receive the item in their mail.
    *Items from auctions with no bids will be automatically sent to player mail.
*GM Commands
    *Only admin have the authority to initiate auctions.
    *Admin can delete auction items using the auction ID, and the items will be sent to the player via mail.
    *Admin can terminate an auction, but only during the preparation time. If the bidding has already started, the admin must wait until the auction session concludes.


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