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Check Monster Level on OnNPCKillEvent:


Hi Team,


Is there a way to check for monster level for every monster kill?

I would like to give a reward to player based on monster level.

ie. If player kills a Kobold (Level 31), they will have a chance to get a reward for level 30-40 monsters.


Thank you.

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Never tried this but I think this should work.

*strmobinfo(<type>,<monster id>);

This function will return information about a monster record in the database, as
per 'db/(pre-)re/mob_db.yml'. Type is the kind of information returned. Valid types are:
It will return 0 if there is no such monster (or the type value is invalid),
or an empty string if you requested the monster's name.

 1 - 'english name' field in the database, a string.
 2 - 'japanese name' field in the database, a string.
     All other returned values are numbers:
 3 - Level.
 4 - Maximum HP.
 5 - Maximum SP.
 6 - Experience reward.
 7 - Job experience reward.
-	script	test	-1,
	if ( killedrid == 1134 && strmobinfo(3,killedrid) == 31 ) { // Check if kobold lv 31
		if (rand(100) > 50) getitem 501, 1; // get a 50% chance to have reward

you can expand this by adding variables and loops..

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	set .@monsterlv,getmonsterinfo(killedrid,MOB_LV);
	if ( .@monsterlv >= 41)
      dispbottom "You just kill monster above lv 41";
      dispbottom "You just kill monster below lv 41";



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