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Thor Patcher Connection



I had a problem with the link/IP of the 'config.ini' of Thor Patcher.

I generated Thor.exe with my 'website link' + 'folder' where uploaded Web Thor folder

but when I try download 'example_of_up.thor' att at my link, that download. To access folder, not...

It don't connect... Ok, I ask Frost, he told is about 'https' I use in my website. Need to be 'http', Because I use CloudFlare DNS.

So, what I need to do?

*I never used/installed Thor Patcher before this time. First time, and need help please.

Someone have idea please.



Someone can explain me please, how I create subdomain, and remove the SSL(https) only for this subdomain? At cloudflare? Without removing the SSL for the domain because I use for web?

I think it's the point...

[email protected]

Hello, I already did. Some contacts of rAthena helped me at Discord.

So thanks to community! 😄

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Hello friends, I am also having a problem when I am going to open the file after installing. I am getting this error

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)." 

Does anyone have any idea about this issue? I have no idea what could be the issue. Please help🙏


After posting the thread here, I search online about this issue and found this article. First I updated the driver and restore it to the previous system point. After doing the methods perfectly, I tried to open it and I have no longer any issues. 

But this article also suggested to run DISM and SFC scans. I did not apply this method, as the problem got solved. So what do you think should I apply the method? Is this useful?

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