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Cash shop menu button missing



Today I would like to as about the button of the cash shop that goes into de menu icon, like this:

Production client of X server


Sadly, my client do not show the shop button and I don't know why, which also messes up the background of those icons:

My client, private server


Please note this has nothing to do with the icon found on a side of the map, image.png.254c459d242fa73084847c62e795f46c.png that one is showing correctly in both cases.


What I found about the button is that it's named 'bt_shop' inside 'menu_icon' folder on every 'data.grf', so my client should show it, but I couldn't make it work.

About my client:

  • Client date 2020-03-04aRagexeRE
  • Patched using WARP with option 'Show Cash Shop icon'
  • image.png.4eb74851cc1926ddb2c82e1eb5fccecd.png Some system message I don't know the source about


Help please 😄 

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SOLVED by using NOT RE client.

Sadly, the graphic error persist at the bottom of the menu background

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