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attempt to index global 'QuestInfoList' (a nil value)


Hello again!

Today, I found a problem with my client and QuestInfoList; I searched the forums but found no solution to this problem, so I'm creating another post regarding this error.

I'm getting these errors:


And obviously,




This is what I'm using:


What whould be causing this error, and how can I fix it?

Help please 🙂 

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Thanks to Geo at Discord for telling me the error, which was this part of my settings:

  • Patched my client using WARP to 'Customize OngoingQuestInfoList lub' file path 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN.lub'


Fixed after modifying the path to 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN' (without the '.lub')


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